Vatican Note on Blessing Same-Sex Couples Draws Mixed US Reaction

In the hours that followed release of a Vatican note outlining the pastoral grounds for same-sex blessings, reactions among American Catholics seemed to run the gamut from styling it as a major step forward to insisting on hitting the brakes, on the grounds that not much has really changed.

Pope Offers Cautious ‘Yes’ on Blessing Some Same-Sex Unions, ‘No’ on Women Priests

Responding to a group of five conservative cardinals who posed critical questions about his upcoming Synod of Bishops on Synodality, Pope Francis largely upheld the Church’s ban on women priests, while suggesting the doctrine can still be studied, but signaled openness to giving blessings to same-sex couples provided that doing so is not confused with the sacrament of marriage.

Vatican Rules Out Church Blessings for Same-Sex Unions

Responding to efforts in some parts of the Catholic world to devise “blessings” of same-sex unions by the Church, the Vatican’s doctrinal watchdog released a statement Monday saying that such blessings are “not legitimate,” as homosexual unions are “not ordered to the Creator’s plan.”

Judge: Catholic Agency Must Consider Same-Sex Foster Couples

A federal judge has swept away claims of religious discrimination by plaintiffs including Catholic Social Services of the Philadelphia Archdiocese and ruled the church agency must provide home assessments for same-sex couples wishing to provide foster care for at-risk children in Philadelphia.

Court Rules for Conscience in Baker’s Case

In a 7-2 decision June 4, the Supreme Court sided with Colorado baker Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cakeshop in a case that put anti-discrimination laws up against freedom of speech and freedom of religious expression.

Faith and Public Service

The public service of elected officials and their Catholic faith have once again come into the public eye. With both vice-presidential candidates being baptized Catholics, it was only a matter of time before our attention turned again to the faith of Vice President Joseph Biden, also a Catholic.


Once again, Pope Francis’ in-flight press conferences grab the attention of the entire world, Catholics and non-Catholics alike. After a unique apostolic voyage to Armenia, having strengthened ties with the Orthodox Church, the pope was asked to weigh in on a number of questions. As usual, our Holy Father answered with supreme honesty and pastoral care.

Same-Sex Marriage Splits Anglicans, Episcopalians

Because of the U.S. Episcopal Church’s moves to change canon law to allow same-sex marriage, Anglican leaders voted to suspend Episcopalians from positions representing the Anglican Communion and from participating in Anglican bodies.

School: Same-Sex Marriage Inconsistent with Mission

A Massachusetts judge ruled that a Catholic high school discriminated against a man because of his sexual orientation after the school officials rescinded a job offer upon learning he was in a same-sex marriage.