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Praying for Politicians

Dear Editor: During my years in grammar and high school, under the tutelage of the Sisters of Charity of St. Elizabeth, we all prayed for the conversion of Russia.

Were our prayers answered? I am not sure, but I do know that superficially Russia under Putin allows, perhaps for their own reasons, Orthodox Church attendance

Now there is another institution that calls aloud for our prayers: our Democratic Party.

The Democratic governor of Virginia is a proponent of infanticide. The Democratic members of the Senate will not protect babies who survive an attempted abortion. The Democratic governor of New York, and his willing accomplices in the state senate legislate abortion to the point of birth.

Yes, there are Democrats who do not hold these positions of the party, but they do not challenge the leadership.

Within my lifetime Democratic Presidents invoked God and welcomed Him into public life. This is now out of fashion, and sanctity of human life and God’s commandments are flaunted and ignored.

In this situation, we may pray for today’s Democrats to allow God into their party, and we have another option: the ballot box.


Bay Ridge

One thought on “Praying for Politicians

  1. I wish that Robert Petty would dedicate a few of his prayers for the republican party and the hate that they endorse everyday by not challenging their so called leadership.