Letters to the Editor

Prayers for Our Leaders?

Dear Editor: Your recent editorial urges Catholics to pray for our leaders and this is, indeed, worthy advice. You also point out that hot-topic books come and go often with little impact and dubious accuracy.

Pope Francis and his “leftist” leanings are obviously not to the liking of Conservative Catholics. Nevertheless, his moral authority, rectitude, human decency and pastoral leadership cannot be questioned.

On the other hand, to stop bickering about President Trump and his behavior is not an option. His pro-life stance and several pro-Christian overtures are transparent attempts to enhance his standing and popularity with the Religious Right.

Prior to running for the highest office in the land, his posture in this regard was considerably different.

Even after his “conversion experience,” President Trump’s behavior and pronouncements are clearly anti-Christian and decidedly un-American. Where is the Catholic outrage for the damage done and forthcoming to our environment, the daily lies emanating from his lips, his overtly racist and divisive comments, his unending attacks on the free press, his shifting positions on the status of “Dreamers,” his antipathy to immigrants and refugees, his indifference to the poor and the soon-to-be uninsured, his offensive attitude towards women and his personal enrichment from the Office of the Presidency?

This morally bankrupt and ethically challenged president is alienating our friends and allies, dividing our country, inspiring incivility and endangering our very democracy. Such actions demand more than ideological “bickering” between rival points of view. They require universal expressions of censure, condemnation and most importantly, a repudiation of “Trumpism” at the ballot box in upcoming elections. In these times, perhaps better editorial advice would be that all of us pray for our country itself!


Bay Ridge


Dear Editor: Great commentary! I agree. We need to stop bickering.

Pray for President Trump and for our beloved country, instead of trashing everything he does.

He desperately needs our prayers. For every negative remark we think we need to make, turn it into a prayer for him and America.

United we stand, divided we fall!

I do believe in the power of prayer! God bless America!