The Rosary? There’s an App for That

Every morning from her home in a suburb of Chicago, Kristin Reilly invites her followers to pray with her online, starting each day with a special intention, as requested by her followers.  

Praying the Language of the Rosary

With October as the month of the Holy Rosary, the faithful of St. Clare’s Church in Rosedale gathered to pray for healing, discernment and vocations, as cars and buses zoomed by. 

Prayers for Our Leaders?

Dear Editor: Your recent editorial urges Catholics to pray for our leaders and this is, indeed, worthy advice. You also point out that hot-topic books come and go often with little impact and dubious accuracy.

Changing Words of Prayers

Dear Editor: I have personally known five convicted murderers and interviewed hundreds of other criminals, but I do not believe I have ever encountered more appalling and shallow reasoning than the letter advising that we abandon humility and no longer identify ourselves as sinners while praying the Hail Mary.

Changing Our Prayers?

Dear Editor: Now that Pope Francis has suggested some changes to the “Our Father,” how about some changes to the “Hail Mary”? As a parent, former teacher, and coach, I always looked to reinforce the positive in those children who were entrusted to my care.