Only in Print: Dr. Fauci’s Roots in Dyker Heights

Dr. Anthony Fauci meets with Regis High School students and the school’s president, Father Daniel Lahart S.J., in 2019. Fauci (whose family owned a neighborhood pharmacy in Dyker Heights) is a 1958 graduate of the Jesuit school. (Photo: courtesy of Fauci family)

By Frank DeRosa

DYKER HEIGHTS — When I see Dr. Anthony Fauci on TV expertly explaining everything we need to know about the coronavirus pandemic, I find myself thinking back to his father, Stephen Fauci, whose drugstore our family relied on back in the 1950s.

Steve Fauci was the neighborhood pharmacist. The Fauci Pharmacy stood on the southwest corner of 13th Ave. and 83rd St., in the Dyker Heights section of Brooklyn, diagonally across from the Shrine Church of St. Bernadette. We lived two blocks away on 85th St.

Long ago, parishioners like me remember what the store looked like — the soda fountain that ran along the right wall, the telephone booths at the left close to the entrance, and the counter straight ahead down the center…

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6 thoughts on “Only in Print: Dr. Fauci’s Roots in Dyker Heights

  1. I recall so clearly Anthony Fauci as a youngster who was training to serve Mass as Altar Boy at the parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Brooklyn, the Dyker Heights section of Brooklyn.
    As a teen-ager I was helping to train the boys with their latin and serving Holy Mass. Little did I know that some day, Anthony would become a Doctor and serve our Nation and five Presidents.
    All my prayers are with him as he again helps the nation recover from this serious flu that has affected our nation and the world. Keep up the good fight Anthony with your knowledge and wisdom .
    May God Bless You.

  2. Thank You Dr. Fauci, for your wisdom and guidance. Thank God the entire world, has you for leadership.
    Your information and instructions will get us through this. I am a parent and grandparent, and I truly feel that my
    family’s future will be fine, only if we all listen to your simple rules. I grew up, and still live in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.
    Best regards, Jimmy Coppola

    1. Hi there Jimmy, Are you by any chance related to the pharmacy owner who preceded Stephen Fauci. My recollection is that the pharmacy was Cappola’s prior to Fauci’s. I grew up just around the corner on 84th St and knew the Faucis.

  3. We lived in the Marine Park section of Brooklyn until 1964. My brother Dan graduated from Regis in 1963, so it looks like he missed being in that school at the same time as Dr. Fauci, who graduated in 1958. So proud of the doctor and the great work he continues to do… and so annoyed and disappointed at the way he is being slandered continuously by the Liar-in-Chief!