Letters to the Editor

Not Impartial About Police

Dear Editor: The May 9 editorial “Another Cop Shot” fails to point out that many police abuses and misconduct are frequently committed by police officers who come from strong families, and who have many friends and colleagues. They are, in not a few cases, self-identified Catholics who go to church every Sunday.

The current backlash against law enforcement is not, as the editorial tries to suggest, any kind of cultural trending against respect for the law. Rather, it is rage against police officers and their supervisors who tolerate – indeed, encourage in some cases – arbitrary and illegal actions against those in the communities they serve, regardless of consequences.

It might help to inform your readers that The Tablet is a strong supporter of the NYPD and probably not the best source to impartially comment on police matters.


Editor’s Note: When a police officer is murdered for simply doing his job, yes, we are unequivocally pro-police.