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Not a Fan of the President

Dear Editor: Your recent editorial “setting the record straight” concerning President Trump’s meeting with Pope Francis was interesting for what it said, but more so for what is being overlooked.

Urging all Americans to curtail negativity towards this Administration is pointless and immoral advice. How can any ethical voter not oppose Trump’s policies and plans? His proposals to drastically cut federal funding to vital programs and departments such as the CDC, EPA, and Education and Welfare, while significantly increasing Defense spending and building a wall are a travesty.

This president’s campaign rhetoric was simply an empty sales pitch filled with ”alternative truths.” His initiatives on health care and tax reform benefit only the “haves” while the middle class, the less fortunate and the elderly are set adrift. Instead of a War on Poverty, we now have a war against the poor and all others he labels as “losers.”

This self-proclaimed master of the art of the deal and brilliant negotiator has done

little else but alienate our closest allies, express admiration for Vladimir Putin, endanger our environment, demean the integrity of judges, the FBI and anyone who disagrees with him, including the Pope!

For The Tablet to exhort its readers to, in essence, give this man and his Administration “carte blanche” is deplorable. This would be an endorsement of greed, divisiveness, bullying, prejudice, ego mania, nepotism and blatant conflict of interest! Our Democracy deserves better, not only from its leaders and citizens, but also from the Catholic Press.



Editor’s Note: To set the record straight, The Tablet did not ask for “carte blanche” for President Trump. What we asked for was a civil discussion about him and his polices and not a knee jerk reaction that everything he says and does must be resisted. That’s not Democracy.

One thought on “Not a Fan of the President

  1. Thank you, Mr. Wawrynek, for your comments. It seems to me that President Trump and and his supporters are the ones guilty of knee-jerk reactions. Democrats are often reviled in this column by readers because of their views not only on abortion, but on issues of social justice for the poor and opposition to Trump’s policies and agenda. We still live in a country where we are free to speak out and protest peacefully. Just as President Trump is allowed to tweet his messages, so too are citizens of this country allowed to comment in opposition to those messages.