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No Love for Democrats

Dear Editor: Reader Lawrence Lancucki (March 24) spells out substantially why it is wrong for a Catholic to support the Democratic Party. I came to the same conclusion about 40 years ago.

Catholics must be encouraged to read our Catechism with regards to assisting persons or organizations that are engaged in activities that are against our faith, specifically Sections 1868 and 1874.

Another worthwhile read is the U.S. Catholic Catechism for Adults, page 429, concerning the eighth commandment. This work is a superb discussion of the Catholic faith, and the responsibilities we have as members of the Apostolic Church. On these pages we are instructed against bearing false witness toward other persons.

Our president has been castigated because he has called for a wall to be built on our southern border to prevent illegal entry into our country. The voices doing so were silent when President Clinton stood before Congress and did the same. They were silent when Sen. Barack Obama made a strong speech concerning illegal entry into this country.

Allowing millions of persons to flaunt the laws of this nation, laws that million of others have complied with, can only be interpreted as an endorsement of this illegality.


Richmond Hill

One thought on “No Love for Democrats

  1. To the Editor,

    In response to Robert J. Tillman’s letter (April 7), attempting to defend America’s president as a Christian is rather fruitless. That might explain why many, Cardinal Dolan included, are now specifically and particularly vociferously targeting the Democratic Party as the persecutors of Christian faith.

    Perhaps people should separate their faith from their politics. Nobody in their right mind would look to President Trump for Christian Faith (and we all know evangelical protestantism is a political movement that has masqueraded as religious for generations only to be unmasked by President Trump for what it is), as we would not look to a cleric for politics.

    Of course President’s Obama and Clinton condemned illegal entry into this country. That is a duty of the President. What was their reasoning? Political expediency. The politics that President Trump presents it with is particularly xenophobic and bigoted. It is outright Nativism. It is not just about “securing our borders” as it is about “othering” people. There is plenty in Church teaching and the bible on the treatment of strangers, migrants, foreigners, and “aliens.” Mr. Tillman undoubtedly knows that

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