Letters to the Editor

Msgr. Perfecto Vasquez

Dear Editor: I was a parishioner of Guardian Angel Parish when Msgr. Perfecto Vasquez was pastor. After every Mass, he always said, “Let us do our best and God will do the rest.” This was deeply refreshing in a world that wants to do it all by themselves.

I had always asked and received his prayers whenever I made a pilgrimage to see the pope.

I remember telling my Jewish coworker who was in a bad mood: “Cheer up, my former pastor always put it this way: let us do our best and God will do the rest.” They used to say to me, “How did that go again, I like that rhyme, let us do our best….”

Right now in the Christmas season it is good to remember that Jesus came to save us because without Him our best is meaningless.

But Christmas reminds us what Msgr. Perfecto Vazquez told us, “Let us do our best and God will do the rest.”

He ended it with may God bless all of you. May this beloved priest of God rest in peace with all of his tireless energy, he certainly did do his best. God will do the rest. Amen.


Bath Beach

Editor’s Note: This letter was previously published by mistake under another name.

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