Letters to the Editor

All the Marvelous Work

Dear Editor: Msgr. Vazquez was our first parish priest to honestly connect with our Hispanic parish community (“Msgr. Vazquez Was Brooklyn Diocese’s First Hispanic Pastor,” The Tablet, Nov. 17). Even though my Dad spoke English, mom was always shy, but when Msgr. Perfecto visited she really participated in the conversation with our special priest, Father Vazquez.

When Msgr. Vazquez visited our home everyone joined in the conversation with joy because it was spoken in Spanish. Throughout the years he always came to visit with a sincere smile and wonderful message, his visits were always special.

I continued to write to him since I was now going into high school and into another Catholic school, then after a few years of college, he was the one who married my husband and I, back in 1970.

We will always remember what a personal commitment he had with all his parishioners. Will always remember you.

May the Heavenly Father embrace you for all the marvelous work you have done. Rest in Peace.


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