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Mother Teresa in Douglaston


Mother Teresa was the commencement speaker at Cathedral College, Douglaston, in 1976. Shown with her are Brooklyn Bishop Francis J. Mugavero; and graduates David J. Dettmer and Joseph P. Calise, both of whom now serve the Brooklyn Diocese as priests.

One thought on “Mother Teresa in Douglaston

  1. I felt a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment reading your
    Saint Mother Teresa issue, the legendary “Apostle of the Poor” who stands as one of the most iconic Catholic figures of the 20th Century. The call for
    Dr. George V. Lombardi, who treated St. Teresa was a mighty healing grace.
    It is also interesting to note the photo above of Joseph P. Calise as a young graduate and to read his Sunday Scriptures column in the same issue with
    a current photo as a Monsignor.

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