Choosing Joy: Mother Teresa and C.S. Lewis

The thing I remember most about St. Mother Teresa, whose feast is Sept. 5, was her joy. I met her three times in my life. Once when we were giving talks on the same program; once at a Vatican Seminar on Family Life, and once when she asked me to give a week-long retreat to her contemplative novices on joy. She founded two distinct orders, the one she picked for me was her cloistered contemplative community in New Jersey.

Father Henry Torres

For Father Henry Jose Torres, 26, the path to priesthood has not been easy, but it has been full of unexpected blessings.

Pope Says 2016 Was Filled with Surprises

Pope Francis described 2016 as a “packed year,” one full of initiatives that helped Catholics “see and touch with their hands the fruits of the mercy of God.”

Mother Teresa in Brooklyn

Dear Editor: Msgr. Joe Nugent’s affectionate reminiscence of a time when Mother Teresa visited Brooklyn (“Editor’s Space,” Sept. 3) recalls July 27, 1982, the day Mass was celebrated in Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Bushwick, marking the official founding of the Missionaries of Charity’s contemplative branch in the Brooklyn Diocese.