Letters to the Editor

More Informed Readers

Dear Editor: The contributors of Readers Forum (Sept. 16) D. Podesta, P. Murphy, J. Chen, E. Moffitt, D. DeSiena and R.Tillman show that Catholics may be getting better informed. It was exhilarating to see such solidarity in thought. Hope prevails!

Tillman could have gone further if he cited Sens. Durbin and Feinstein (Ds) for their questioning of a female Catholic candidate for a federal judgeship when they questioned if she was an”orthodox Catholic” and if Catholic dogma was so deeply rooted in her persona.

Can you imagine the uproar if a Jew or Muslim were asked questions along these lines? Did anybody hear any Catholic Bishops denounce these Senators for their line of questions?


Belle Harbor

Editor’s Note: For the record, in a recent Into the Deep TV interview for Currents, Bishop DiMarzio strongly criticized this type of interrogation.