Letters to the Editor

Misjudging the President

Dear Editor: Paul Markowski (June 17) seems to assume a privilege to repeat demagogic characterizations of President Trump simply because these are popularly taken for granted.

It is not true that Trump “denies” climate change, as though to question it, as any reasonable person would, is to deny it. When there is so much political ideology, including global fascism, and anti-life values promoting this unproven theory, Christians are obliged to become skeptics. And since real science does consider such thing as the cyclical nature of greater periods of solar activity, as we have currently, and since the still unproven phenomenon of whether the greenhouse theory itself can actually exist without some level of self-corrective partial solar heat deflection or whether increased generation of cloud cover creates proportional compensation, rationality requires resisting blind acceptance of theories rooted in ideologies of a pre-conceived pretext to justify massive government control of all aspects of life.

It is not fair to suggest Trump is guilty of an animus toward “our Catholic brothers and sisters” at the border. Trump never said anything about their Catholicism. Yes, we are enjoined to love everyone, but all our “brothers and sisters,” Catholic or atheist, innocent or criminal, have no right to run roughshod over immigration laws.

And despite Markowski’s cynical presumptions about motivation, Trump’s authentic conversion about abortion wasn’t to garner votes, it was to act upon the very principles that has already implemented policies that have saved many lives.



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