Letters to the Editor

Low Income Housing Needed

Dear Editor: I read (April 15) with interest of the new Bishop Thomas V. Daily Residence for formerly homeless people and the fact that the building has been named in the bishop’s honor because of his “commitment to serving the poor around the diocese.”

Last month, our pastor informed the parish that the former St. Saviour Convent, now unoccupied, has been leased to a private company to rehabilitate and operate.

Market value would fetch a high price in Park Slope, I’m sure, but my hope is that a portion of the building be set aside for low income tenants. That would be a fitting way to honor our forebears in faith who sacrificed to build the convent, the parishioners who contributed to its maintenance through the years, and the members of the School Sisters of Notre Dame who lived there simply and selflessly for many decades.


Park Slope