Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Week of September 9, 2023

Catholic Churches Need Change 

Dear Editor: I It is a shame to see that in this day and age young people have grown away from going to church. Boys and girls stop going to Mass with their parents after receiving their sacraments of Communion and confirmation. 

I believe it is very important to get young people back to our parishes for the progress and future of our Catholic Church. 

Catholic churches should do more to motivate young people and their families to go to Mass. 

My suggestion is that the pastor of each church, with the help of one or several motivated parishioners, put together more social activities for the youth like picnics, museum outings, dance events, game nights, etc. 

I believe by doing this it will motivate young people and their families to start attending Mass on Sundays again. 

Rudy Sarchese 


 Gun Control 

Dear Editor: I think if “Catholic” leaders want to do more about gun control, they should start by condemning the “gun violence” that constantly spews out of Hollywood every hour of every day. 

I cannot change channels without someone pointing a gun.

Charles Struse 

Llano, Texas

 Remember What Labor Day Is All About 

Dear Editor: It is a day to love those who labor for the good of the many. It is a time to be thankful for how far we have come. It is also a time to look back and think of all of our fathers and mothers who worked hard, long hours and who fought for decent wages and hours so they could better provide for their families. 

I myself am still working at age 74, although part time now. Truly as a nation we have come a long way because of those that have paved the way to a better way of life for many of us today. 

You can fly the American flag for all those who have worked hard to make America great. Also, let’s say a prayer of thankfulness for how far we have come. Also please remember all our brave men and women who have served in the military protecting what we hold most dear, our freedoms. 

Frederick Robert Bedell Jr. 


Remembering Father Keenan 

Dear Editor: I attended a funeral Mass for Father James F. Keenan Friday Aug. 18th at Saint Francis Xavier Church. 

The Church was filled with his former students. 

The celebrant mentioned his faith was always in action as he performed numerous weddings and the baptisms of the children of his former students. 

He also maintained daily contacts with his former students with cards and phone calls. As a student at Bishop Loughlin, it is satisfying to know his faith was formed here. 

Matthew Timothy Meagher 


 Kimberley Heatherington’s Review of “Oppenheimer” 

Dear Editor: Kimberley Heatherington’s review of the biopic “Oppenheimer” (“Oppenheimer and the Injustice of Nuclear Weapons,” Aug. 26) was fittingly titled. 

Oppenheimer is often described as the “Father of the Atomic Bomb.” 

The vast majority of Americans will be shocked to learn that the U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey in its June 1946 report, “The Effects of Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki” – concluded that Japan would have surrendered prior to Dec. 31, 1945, without the atomic bombings or an invasion if permitted to keep their Emperor Hirohito. 

Heatherington concludes with the foundational challenge posed by nuclear weapons to the centuries-old “just war theory” by citing Pope Francis’ condemnation of “both the use and possession of nuclear weapons as immoral.” 

There will be much “what’s next” controversy, but, to me, there are two clear and distinct certitudes: the one adjective that never applies to authentic Catholic teaching is “nationalistic;” the one absolute of war is that “violence leads to more violence.” 

James R. Kelly 

Bay Ridge

 Tony Bennett in The Tablet 

Dear Editor: I’m a reader of The Tablet, and I had to take time to commend you on the recent Tony Bennett article which was the best ever. 

The writing was so full of his kindness, his tenderness and his being so pleasant to everyone. 

He will always be remembered for his generosity and he will always be the greatest singer of all. 

Other newspapers did not give the full details of how elegant and fine a person Tony Bennett was. Once again, many thanks for your article.

Josephine Tanalski