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Letters to the Editor, Week of September 26, 2020

A Country That Allows Abortion Has No Soul

Dear Editor: I applaud Human Coalition’s letter, and as President of The Bridge to Life, I would have happily signed it (“Black Coalition Assails Planned Parenthood,” Sep. 19). 

Like my dear friend and colleague, Alecia Jones, I hold all human life to be precious. In my over 30-something years as a pro-life advocate, I have come to learn that the laity has to be seen and heard in the public square.

In order for our unborn children to be protected, legislation has to be enacted. 

It broke my heart in November 2018 when Cuomo gained full control of the House and Senate. I was devastated when he signed the Reproductive Health Act into law. In the words of St. Teresa of Calcutta, “A country that allows abortion has no soul.”

Please vote in November for the party that believes in the sanctity of all human life. Elections have consequences. 

Catherine Donohoe

President Trump and the Environment

Dear Editor: I thought it was good that you gave the pros and cons of President Trump (“Trump-Pence 1st Term Record Leaves Catholic Leaders With Mixed Feelings,” Aug. 29). 

I see he plans to withdraw from the Paris Climate Change Agreement when he can this year. So I wondered if he has done anything that would be for the care of our environment. According to Environmental Protection Agency press releases: 

6/11/2020: “EPA Announces FY 2019 Superfund Accomplishments Report.” 

The administration addressed superfund hazardous waste sites; finished the job by deleting all or part of 27 sites from the Superfund’s National Priorities List, the largest number of deletions in a single year since 2001; targeted sites for immediate and intense attention, using the Administrator’s Emphasis List to resolve issues delaying cleanups. Completed 233 removal actions to address imminent and substantial threats to human health and the environment. 

9/14/2020: “From 2017 to 2019, the combined emission of criteria and precursor pollution dropped 7 percent, e.g. nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds.” 

9/15/2020: “The Trump Administration is bringing much-needed support to state, tribal, and local governments as part of the agency’s unprecedented efforts under the PFAS Action Plan, regarding man-made chemicals that can lead to adverse human health effects.”

Father W. J. Bracken, C. P.
Jamaica, Queens 

Innocent Until Proven Guilty in a Court of Law

Dear Editor: Although I agree with Father Anthony F. Raso for the most part with his letter to the Editor (“Legitimate cry for Justice Descends Into Vandalism,” Sep. 12), I would like to point out something about our justice system. 

Father Raso stated, “The punishing of the officers involved in that outrage is entirely fitting.” In our justice system, you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, not social media, not on the news, and certainly not without evidence brought before that court and a jury.

We should let the courts decide the innocence or guilt of all parties. As for the vandals who have besieged our cities, they too should be brought to justice and given their day in court.

William R. Miller
Bay Ridge 

License to Abort at any Time and for any Reason

Dear Editor: To all Catholics who support the sanctity of human life, you should all be aware by now that both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris support abortion up to the third trimester and actual delivery of the baby.

Instead of abortion that was supposed to be “rare and safe,” the Democratic Party has succumbed to the belief that pro-choice now means a license to abort at any time and for any reason with the consent of the mother and doctor.

Although voting covers many issues, this one is especially significant since it defines the very character of a nation and its people, no matter their religion or lack thereof. President Donald Trump has repeatedly supported the sanctity of human life and never faltered on this issue.

Thomas and Constance Dowd
Oakland Gardens 

Father Lauder Hits the Mark Again

Dear Editor: Once again Father Lauder’s insights on the Catholic writers have opened my mind to the poignant assessments of some of my favorites. When he wrote that Percy and Flannery O’Connor claimed that when “a contemporary storyteller told a story with a religious message the author was taking a chance because society had become so secular readers would miss the religious dimension of the story,” I wholeheartedly agreed with him.

Can we include Flannery O’Connor’s body of work to augment this idea? The words in her novels and short stories are “faintly” immersed in her Catholicism despite the fact that they are not about Catholics.

John J. Scibelli
Forest Hills 


One thought on “Letters to the Editor, Week of September 26, 2020

  1. Mrs. Donohue, your letter is so correct. We, as a country, have lost our way. If one was to stand up to protest abortions 99% of society would shout down the infividual. Still, the fight against abortion must continue no matter what.

    Keep fighting the good fight, Catherine. You are not alone. I am fighting it with YOU.

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