Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Week of Sept. 4, 2021

Fallen Soldiers Are American Martyrs

Dear Editor: At Mass today there were 13 lighted candles by the altar in front of our flag. These represented the 13 American soldiers martyred in Kabul in this senseless jihad, who were trying to help others to the very end. Most of them were 20-year-olds or in their early 20’s. Their deaths were so eminently avoidable, it rends my heart.

I am so angered by this President’s incompetent disregard for the lives of our soldiers. There are well established procedures for this. There are not enough words to express this sorrow.

I respectfully implore the leaders of the Universal Church — especially the Bishop of Rome — to compare the working achievements of Presidents Trump and Biden, and beg the good Lord for forgiveness and enlightenment.

From the Abraham Accords to Kabul. Enough said.

Cynthia Gonzalez

Fresh Meadows

What Are We Getting in Governor Hochul?

Dear Editor: Although the ouster of Andrew Cuomo is cause for much celebration, we don’t know what we will be getting from the next governor.

In The Tablet (“Scandal Aftermath, COVID, Economy Among Many Challenges Hochul Faces,” Aug. 28), Brian Browne, a political science professor at St. John’s University, said Kathy Hochul “has been elected statewide already.”

When did that happen? To my knowledge, no election as such has occurred. Is she just trying to subliminally suggest to New Yorkers that it is a “fait accompli” and we are stuck with her?

I read in the article that she is another of our “Catholic” politicians who was educated in a Catholic university, holds pro-abortion views, and is a supporter of The Reproductive Health Act.

Makes one wonder what our Catholic universities and colleges have as their agenda for the future of Catholic youth and indeed the Catholic Church.

Come November, I sincerely hope the Catholic voters make their voices heard and insist that Jesus’s teachings are uppermost in their choice of governor and anyone else who runs for office.

Geraldine Gazzara


Editor’s note: The lieutenant governor of New York is an elected constitutional officer. Candidates run individually in the primaries and on a joint ticket with the governor in the general election.

Parish Discussion Groups Go Viral

Dear Editor: Father Lauder’s column of August 21 (“The Perfect Book For a Group Discussion”) spoke in a direct way to participants in the Brownstone Brooklyn & Beyond Book Club based at Saint Charles Borromeo parish in Brooklyn Heights.

Our weekly book discussion group with Grace Church, our neighboring Episcopal parish, was interrupted last year due to the pandemic.

We were able to go virtual via Zoom thanks to the expertise of a couple of our parishioners who guided the less tech savvy among us.

We have not only persevered but have grown. Regular participants now come from other Brooklyn parishes, primarily Saint Augustine-Saint Francis Xavier in Park Slope, and beyond — as far away as Texas!

We focus primarily on books with religious subjects including Flannery O’Connor’s short stories, Fratelli Tutti by Pope Francis, and The Life You Save May Be Your Own by Paul Elie, who has twice joined us for discussions.

Although the group was initially inspired by our pastor, Father Bill Smith, and Father John Gribowich, the lay members have increasingly led the discussions and the selection of books.

The readings and discussions have helped participants stay connected and grow in our Christian faith during this stressful pandemic that has overturned so many religious practices. For the immediate future, our meetings will continue virtually.

Philip Murray

Brooklyn Heights

Bishop Guy Sansaricq

Dear Editor: We read with sadness in The Tablet of the passing of Bishop Guy Sansaricq (“We Lost a Giant,” Aug. 28). His passing leaves a large hole in the Diocese of Brooklyn that will be very difficult to fill.

His outstanding service to the diocese, the people of Haiti, and Haitian Americans, was well documented by The Tablet.

Bishop Sansaricq was also very concerned with the fate of the unborn. He often led large prayer vigils for the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, particularly from St. Catherine of Genoa Parish.

In fact, the good Bishop was the principal celebrant and homilist for the Helpers 20th Anniversary vigil in October 2009.

May he rest in peace.

Susan and Kevin Moore