Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Week of November 11, 2023

Antisemitism Must Stop

Dear Editor: Antisemitism is on the rise in America and across the world and more so since the Hamas attack on Israel that killed more than 1,400 Jews, some of them American. 

College campuses have erupted with protests against Israel. Their cause is to protect Palestinians’ quest for freedom, no matter what the cost. 

They forget the terrorist group known as Hamas are killers. They have killed men, women, children, and babies. 

Israel is only protecting their people and their homeland. Hamas’ goal is the killing of all Jews and the complete destruction of Israel. 

I believe God created us all to love one another and that we are all brothers and sisters. 

We all need to respect one another no matter the color of our skin, race, religion, and national origin. 

The attacking locally of our Jewish brothers and sisters is just wrong. 

So, to my Jewish brothers and sisters, may the Lord protect them from all this hatred. 

Fredrick Robert Bedell Jr. 


Thank You, Bishop DiMarzio 

Dear Editor: Thank you, bishop, for your columns on migration. 

I enjoy reading them. I was unaware of the length of time since the laws have been updated. 

Mary Woods 

Richmond Hill

Remembering a Child

Dear Editor: The Tablet’s featuring an article (“Couple is Turning the Tragedy of Stillbirth Into Hope for Others,” Oct. 28), written by Ms. Paula Katinas was truly remarkable. 

My deepest sympathy goes to Cristian Ortiz and his wife Crystal Rivera-Velez. Indeed, it’s tragic to lose a child. I have never been a mother, but I can feel a profound sadness of losing someone you love. 

I remember my co-worker and dear friend, MJ, who lost her first baby who was stillborn. 

It’s heartbreaking for the young couple. How do we console a grieving parent? 

No words are good enough to alleviate the bad feeling. 

I asked MJ to remember the Virgin Mary because they have something in common — losing a beloved family member. 

And, MJ and Joel will have an angel in heaven that will watch and protect them here on earth. 

Now, they have two beautiful children and I am a proud godmother to their second child. 

Thank you, Cristian and Crystal. You did a marvelous and noble act to form a nonprofit organization to help parents with stillborn children and to promote research to further the study of stillbirths. 

I salute you and everyone supporting your program. May God bless you. 

Carmen C. Rodriguez 

Rego Park

Salute to Veterans 

Dear Editor: Veterans Day is a wonderful day, and now is my opportunity to recognize and pay tribute to the man who is my biggest hero. My dad, Alexander DeMarco, was born in 1909 in Brooklyn. 

His faith in God helped him in life and during his military career in WWII. 

He never talked about the war. When he died in 1987, my brother Al Jr. put all his war medals into a frame, and placed them on his coffin. 

So all our neighbors were coming in to pay their respects, saying look at all his medals: the Purple Heart, his two Bronze Stars and his Combat Infantryman Badge. 

After the war, dad married our mother Jean and lived in Midwood. 

Dad’s faith definitely helped him survive all aspects of life and the war. I found a book with his military papers called “My Military Missal.” 

God bless him and all our men and women in the USA military. 

Let’s everyone help support Wreaths Across America. 

Louis DeMarco 


Compassion Is Needed for Migrants 

Dear Editor: According to the Christian Scriptures, perfect love casts out all fear. Right now people in our city are afraid. Will the migrants who came up from Texas cross the bridge or cross the line? And what if they do? 

Will they be met by the open arms of Christians who have heard Jesus‘ words? Or will they be met by venom and shouting that can only increase the fear of those who are being used as political pawns? 

These people don’t want to be in your backyard any more than you want them there. 

What a warm and loving gesture it would be if we baked some cookies, collected some clothing and toys, and took them in person, to see the people behind our fear. 

The same hopes that our grandparents had are the hopes of the parents who have risked everything to be free from the fear that was theirs in their home country. 

Do we dare call ourselves Jews or Christians or Muslims unless we live into the teaching of our faith. Is our faith real enough to live it in real time? 

Father Michael Perry 


One thought on “Letters to the Editor Week of November 11, 2023

  1. Re: Fredrick Robert Bedell’s letter.
    In general, I can accept what Mr, Bedell says but I have a point of serious disagreement about Israel only protecting itself. It is members of Hamas who attacked Israel on 10/7, it is members of Hamas who took hostages, it is members of Hamas who are terrorists. It is not the other millions of Palestinians who live in Gaza, or for that matter, those in the West Bank. Understanding the context does not provide justification, either for Hamas’ attack or for Israel’s indiscriminate bombing of civilians in Gaza.

    Francis X. Bolton
    Park Slope, Brooklyn