Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Week of Mar. 25, 2023

Caregivers Recommendation

Dear Editor: In the Feb. 25 issue of The Tablet, Nikola White requested information about a support group for caregivers in Queens (“Caring for Caregivers,” Readers’ Forum).

For the three and a half years that I tended to my husband — who had Alzheimer’s — and for some time after his death, I found a support group and counseling at Commonpoint Queens.

There are several locations in the area including Forest Hills, Bayside, and Queens Village. 

Carolyn M. Lippmann


Stand Up for Your Faith

Dear Editor: Brian Barnwell’s Up Front & Personal column (“Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Up for Faith,” March 18) is an important contribution and message to each of us.

He points out the need for each person identifying as a Catholic to take on a leadership position in their community. That leadership is not limited to Church leaders or political leaders.

It is our personal responsibility to publicly and fearlessly demonstrate commitment to Jesus’ principles. During Brian Barnwell’s tenure in the New York State Legislature, he brought true Christian principles to that body. 

I am confident that his moral leadership will continue to influence our city, state, and federal representatives.

John H. Mark


Attention in the Wrong Direction

Dear Editor: I would like to thank George Weigel for his recent column (“Papal Supremacy & Dissing Vatican II,” March 18). In that article, Mr. Weigel reported that the Vatican is issuing even more directives to bishops regarding the traditional Latin Mass.

He rightly asks, wouldn’t it be better if the Church focused on “the regular abuses of liturgical practice in countries like Switzerland and Germany?” How is it good for the Church to “scorn as liturgical lepers those who are in church every Sunday?” 

I raise the question: Why is the Church, in this season of listening with the synod, not fully listening to more traditional Catholics? 

Joseph J. Puntino


Abandoning Animals in Parks and Zoos

Dear Editor: I was surprised to read the article on the plight of abandoned animals in and around our city’s parks and zoos. 

I worked in our city’s Animal Control Center, and I can attest to the various kinds of animals that are stranded throughout NYC and its boroughs. What’s more important is the fact that many of these misplaced animals are not indigenous to the area where they are left to fend for themselves. 

It is our hope that people will learn how God’s creatures are to live and survive in our world’s everchanging environment.

Joan Silaco

Queens Village