Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Week of Mar. 18, 2023

Financial Transparency

Dear Editor: I read with interest the review of “El Pastor,” a book on Pope Francis, whose four-part plan includes fighting “economic corruption.” (“Everyone Must Take Part in Politics for the Common Good,” March 4).

In the book, the pope makes a call for financial transparency and engagement. For a number of years in my parish, a member of the finance committee gave the annual report from the pulpit while we in the pews followed along with printed sheets of graphs laying out revenue and expenses.

This hasn’t happened for several years now. In talking with friends from a few neighboring parishes, I find they also don’t get fully-published reports. A parish’s annual financial report provides the transparency Pope Francis calls for and keeps parishioners in the know and engaged.

Barbara McGillicuddy Bolton
Park Slope

Chasing Church News

Dear Editor: I finally got my copy of “Chasing Church News,” a beautiful picture story of the career of journalist Ed Wilkinson.

It is a wonderful depiction of Ed’s career and work in the Diocese. He is an excellent photographer, and he was an excellent editor of The Tablet. The pictures are amazing.

The pictures that are in black and white make them somehow feel more real, especially with the older prints. The capturing of Mother Theresa in prayer and Ed’s standing a breath away from St. John Paul II… what a thrill!

I know Ed personally — my mother worked for him at The Tablet, and he and I both worked at the building affectionately known as “310.” He is a modest yet professional person, and I wish him great success with this wonderful book.

Maria Mastromarino
Manalapan, N.J.

Bombs in the Air

Dear Editor: The following is a poem I wrote about the war in Ukraine:

Bombs in the air,
Explosives everywhere.
Ukraine in the ruts,
Hits me right in the guts.
Russia’s forces rushing in,
Putin creating his very own sin.
What’s there to look ahead,
People and children lying dead.
Will there ever be world peace?
When will these wars ever cease?
All that’s left to do is pray,
Go to Church and pray day to day.
May God bless those who lay to rest,
Knowing they were all one of the best.
God bless all of you and especially
those in Ukraine!

Richard A. Rosales
Staten Island

Our American Flag

Dear Editor: The American flag is a symbol of our country and what it stands for. Even if people disagree with each
other regarding how they feel about politics in America, one thing that everyone should agree on is our flag is, was, and always will be a symbol of our greatness and power.

We all should be proud to be living in a country where we have many freedoms, and never take any of those precious freedoms for granted. We have the best country in the entire world right here.

God bless all of you and your families, and may God bless America and our national symbol, the American flag, as it waves all across our country.

John Amato
Fresh Meadows