Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Week of June 17, 2023

Pro-Life Students Speak Out 

Dear Editor: I was very happy to read your recent article: “Pro-Life Students Speak Out After Scary Run-In With Professor.” As mentioned in the article, one of the students who suffered verbal attacks and vandalism from this professor is a graduate of Cathedral Preparatory School and Seminary, where I am proud to serve as Rector-President. 

It came as no surprise to us here in the Cathedral high school community when we heard that Patrick Rubi is a pro-life leader in a deeply secular college such as Hunter. Patrick was a true leader here at Cathedral. He was instrumental in forming and leading the Brotherhood of Mary Immaculate, a student-led group dedicated to Marian prayer and spreading the Gospel, particularly the Gospel of Life. Patrick would often lead groups in peaceful and prayerful protests near abortion clinics with the same devotion and bravery we witnessed in this disturbing incident at Hunter. 

Patrick, like so many of the students at Cathedral Prep, was and remains a Man for Greatness. So many of our young men go on to become truly heroic stewards of the good news in the various places they serve. Given our mission, their path in life will often lead to priesthood or the diaconate. Many alumni, even if they are not called to the priesthood, go on to various jobs of service within the Church and the world. None of them ever forget the education and formation they received at our beloved school. 

Parents would do well to check out our website at www.cathedralprep.org. There they will find a small school with an enormous history and a proud list of accomplishments and offerings that propel young men into higher education and adulthood. Our men are gifted with a deep sense of faith, knowledge, discipline, and, of course, life-long friendships. If you are looking for a superior high school, come for a visit and a tour one day. You will be glad you gave Cathedral a try. 

Rev. James Kuroly, Ed.D. 


Fathers and Grandfathers 

Dear Editor: A father is a loving, caring patriarch of his family. 

A father is a teacher of respect, love, morals, and kindness for his children. 

A father is a good listener who always is supportive during the best of times and the not so best of times. 

A father is always there to encourage his children to always strive to do their best and to show kindness and respect toward others. 

A father sets an example to his children by how he lives his own life and faith. 

A father is, like a mother, a precious gift from God always and forever. 

God Bless all of our fathers and grandfathers both living and deceased on this very special day, Father’s Day. 

They are all so truly special to all of us always and forever. 

John Amato 

Fresh Meadows

Holy Communion and Low-Gluten Hosts 

Dear Editor: In response to “Why All the Fuss with Gluten-Free Hosts,” I invite you to read the USCCB’s position on individuals with Celiac disease receiving holy Communion and to gain more understanding of transubstantiation. 

We are taught that while the substance of the bread and wine become the substance of the body and blood of Jesus Christ, the accidents remain the same. 

For this reason, someone with Celiac disease can damage his or her intestine by consuming a high-gluten host, and if an individual were to drink a large quantity of Precious Blood, he or she would become inebriated. 

Having three family members with Celiac disease, including my son, I can tell you the constant anxiety of not knowing whether you will be able to receive Communion on any given Sunday, needing to make sure to not forget to bring the low-gluten hosts and hoping there is not cross-contamination. 

This is coupled with the awkwardness of being first or last in line to not disrupt the flow of the other congregants who are receiving. 

We have been blessed and grateful for the many wonderful priests in our diocese who have made us all feel comfortable with the process. 

As we move on to the next phase of our National Eucharistic Revival, let’s pray for those afflicted with this disease and open our hearts to learn from and empathize with those in our faith community and beyond who suffer from different illnesses. 

John Notaro 

Middle Village

A Lovely Sight 

Dear Editor: Wow! What a wonderful feeling to see the smiling, happy faces of the children all dressed up to celebrate their First Communion. Pages 20-21 of The Tablet’s June 3rd edition captured the beauty of this memorable event. 

The children were like angels going to meet Jesus who loves them everlastingly. Didn’t Jesus say that no one can enter heaven unless one is pure of heart like a child? 

No words are enough to describe the expressions on the faces of the children. 

I wonder if any individual, particularly someone who is pro-abortion, will not feel such happiness, peace and love that a child gives to us. 

Yes to life! There is no other choice, because life is a gift from God. 

Carmen C. Rodriguez 

Rego Park