Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Week of July 29, 2023

We Lost a Legend in Tony Bennett 

Dear Editor: Tony Bennett, whose wonderful voice warmed the hearts of millions of people for over seven decades, was indeed a true entertainment legend. 

He recorded many songs during his long and distinguished career, among them his trademark song, ”I Left My Heart in San Francisco.” 

He was always so professional and respectful to everyone, and he truly loved his fans wherever he was singing, and they loved him. He was always the gentleman. 

Now he has gone to that great stage in the sky. 

The entertainment world has lost a true giant and a legend, but he will always be with us through all of his songs. Another star has left us but will never be forgotten. 

Our deepest condolences to his family, friends and colleagues in the music and entertainment industry. 

His warm and caring heart will always be left in San Francisco. 

Rest in peace, Tony. 

John Amato 

Fresh Meadow

The Iran Nuclear Treaty 

Dear Editor: Currently the U.S. is secretly working with Iran on a nuke agreement that could be a deal without a deal. 

With no ceremony and no congressional oversight, Iran would promise to limit its uranium enrichment to 90% and free three U.S. hostages, and we’d give $20 billion in sanction relief. 

This from a country that supports terrorism and is in bed with Russia and China and doesn’t know the meaning of the “truth.” 

But the more glaring aspect of this so-called deal would be the absence of congressional debate and approval. 

The Constitution requires Congress to be involved and therefore robs them of their duty as well as the citizens’ right to voice their opinions also. 

The problem is semantics, and we must return to the word “treaty,” which requires Congress to debate and vote up or down on a proposal. 

Wake up America, and let Congress hear your voice! 

Thomas and Constance Dowd 

Oakland Gardens

Charlie O’Donnell: Consummate Educator 

Dear Editor: Jim Mancari ably captured the essence of Charlie O’Donnell: devoted to the Church, Catholic education, athletics. (Celebrating the Legacy of a Consummate Catholic Educator, July 15). 

I was fortunate enough to have Charlie as my teacher 58 years ago at St. Augustine. 

His warmth and generosity radiated throughout the school. Charlie’s career spanned the days when students were Irish, Italian, and Polish. 

As a development officer at Loughlin he helped the diocese make the transition to a more diverse, multicultural student body. 

Recent test scores attest to the success of these schools. I wish legislators in this state would avail themselves of the avenues the Supreme Court has provided like vouchers and educational tax credits to help these schools lift current teenagers as they did in Charlie’s heyday when he brought a small Catholic school to playoffs with powerhouses like Power Memorial and Rice. 

Rest in peace, Charlie. 

Gerald De Maio 

East Flatbush

To Fellow Tablet Reader, I Say Thank You 

Dear Editor: I wish to thank fellow Tablet reader William R. Miller for his kind words about my previous letter to The Tablet entitled, “The Fourth of July Is a Day of Great Importance,” (July, 8). 

Mr. Miller is a fellow veteran who served in Vietnam. Now for that I thank Mr. Miller for his service to our great nation. 

I also praise him for his most patriotic letter that showed love for our country. 

Let me also mention I am a member of the American Legion Post #103, a member of Glen Oaks Catholic War Veterans, and Grand Knight of St. Anastasia Knights of Columbus Council #5911 in Douglaston. 

I mention these groups to show I am dedicated to helping fellow veterans in need. 

Furthermore, I appreciate Mr. Miller where he asked those who can to fly the American flag. 

Well I do, and it is the only American flag flying on my block in Bellerose. To Mr. Miller, let me say again thank you for your wonderful letter to The Tablet. 

Frederick Robert Bedell, Jr.