Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Week of July 22, 2023

Rash of Humpback Whale Deaths 

Dear Editor: As a resident of the Lower East Side, I don’t get to travel far down to Bay Ridge, or even get to see the Verrazano Bridge. 

Bill Miller’s article gave us a taste of what is present in our waters. (Rash of Humpback Whale Deaths Is Worrying to Conservationists, July 15) 

I also love the science and moral theology to go with it, giving us insight into our Holy Father’s document on the Care of Life and the Planet. 

Juan Rodriguez 



Dear Editor: I was pleasantly surprised to see a two-page article on my whale watching group called Gotham Whale. 

I’ve been going with them since they started out in Queens many years ago. Now they head out of Sheepshead Bay. 

Where else can you see the NYC skyline in the background and a whale front and center, with a few dozen dolphins swimming alongside you? 

Thank you, The Tablet, for giving us an important reason to care for all of God’s creatures. 

Joan Silaco 

Queens Village

Perfect Timing 

Dear Editor: The timing couldn’t be better for Joe Biden to resurrect his $400 billion dollar student loan forgiveness program. With his very low approval rating in the polls and Congress making steady progress on finally getting substantial evidence on his and Hunter’s dealings with foreign countries, he apparently needed to knock one out of the park! 

But to his great disappointment, the Supreme Court voted him down and for good reason. As Nancy Pelosi previously reminded him, only the House of Representatives, with the power of the purse, could pass such a law, as the Constitution states. Neither he, with his executive order or his secretary of education have such power. 

This country was founded on three specific branches of government, the executive, legislative and judicial branches.

Each with its own unique job description, it’s called “checks and balances” and no abusive use of an executive order by a president or input from an unelected head of the department of education is acceptable or legal. 

No king or his minions can overrule what we won in 1776. And finally, it just gets us deeper in debt adding more to an already heavy burden Americans are carrying now! 

Thomas E. Klocek 

Chesapeake, VA

Kudos to The Tablet 

Dear Editor: Congratulations to The Tablet receiving 36 awards at the Catholic Media Conference. 

The Tablet winning best Catholic newspaper of the year was no surprise to me. Every week The Tablet is full of interesting information on a national, global and regional setting bringing the news right to your doorstep. 

For me, who has left Brooklyn in body but never in heart, it is wonderful to be able to connect with all of the parishes, the priests, the events of my Diocese of birth. 

The Tablet was a staple in our home as I was growing up. I always read it even as a young child. I found it fascinating, so different from the daily newspaper. My mother would go on to be the secretary to Ed Wilkinson. 

I wait every week for my Tablet to be delivered to me here in New Jersey. I still keep up with all my friends in Brooklyn. Again Congratulations to The Tablet and DeSales Media. Please keep writing. 

Maria Mastromarino 

Manalapan, NJ

Vet Honored by Parish 

Dear Editor: On July 4th, I finally had a chance to read about Mr. LaCovara’s WWII service and his long service to his parish, Immaculate Conception (Vet Honored by Parish, Knights, School Kids in Astoria, June 14). 

An appropriate read for Independence Day about a most worthy honoree. I didn’t expect to find a connection, but there it was. 

My cousin Vincent J. Policano served on the USS Callaghan, the last ship sunk by kamikaze on July 29, 1945. Vincent was wounded but survived as he was rescued by Mr. LaCorvara’s ship. 

Two first generation Italian Americans, sons of NYC serving in the Pacific. I can’t help but wonder if their paths crossed. 

Michael A. Traverso 

New Port Richey, FL