Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Week of Feb. 13, 2021

Until That Day When Abortion Is Unthinkable

Dear Editor: The Tablet’s centerfold “48 Years of Marching for the Voiceless” in the Feb. 6 edition should be displayed in every school and church vestibule across the diocese.

Catholics must be made acutely aware of the grave threats we now face from an administration seemingly determined to circumvent God’s Law, by expeditiously and aggressively promoting access and funding of abortion nationally, and overseas.

These morally reprehensible actions must be highlighted as such, as they can only further hinder the spiritual welfare of our great nation. I am also enormously thankful to voicer Jim Haggerty whose letter (“One Needs Courage Today To Speak Out,” Readers’ Forum, Feb 6) highlighted the work and convictions of my late parents, Eugene and Santina Panicali, who raised eleven children to be decidedly pro-God’s Law, and so, decidedly anti-abortion.

My father, even though he suffered the effects of childhood polio that ravaged his right leg, attended the March for Life in Washington, DC every single year until he could no longer do so. The dogged and sacrificial determination and work of those Bensonhurst families of St. Athanasius Parish who formed VIVA (Voices for the Innocent Victims of Abortion) — the Panicalis, the Bertolottis, the Haggertys, and the Marcianos, among others — continue to inspire both me, and my good friend and fellow Brooklyn priest Father David Bertolotti, whose late parents George and Alice similarly laid the groundwork for his convictions.

May the pro-God’s Law, anti-abortion cause endure until that day when abortion is unthinkable.

Father Michael W. Panicali
Sheepshead Bay

Editor’s note: Father Panicali is the local chaplain of Rosary for Life and parochial vicar of St. Mark–St. Margaret Mary Parish, Sheepshead Bay and Manhattan Beach.

The Loss of Elderly Patients in Nursing Homes

Dear Editor: We have written in the past about the tragedy of the loss of elderly patients in nursing homes (“AG’s Office Reports State Undercounted COVID-19 Deaths in Nursing Homes,” Feb. 6).

New York State Attorney General Letitia James is finally addressing this issue and concluding that the figure calculated is off by 50 percent.

The pandemic hit our nation hard and we looked both to the federal government and state government to treat it like a national emergency and work on it accordingly.

President Trump responded to New York by supplying much-needed masks, gloves, and gowns. He also sent a Navy ship complete with thousands of beds and equipment. The Jacob Javits Center was transformed into another hospital with thousands of more beds to meet the need.

With all the reporting on the number of people who would be affected, no one knew for certain how bad the situation would be. In an earlier letter, we questioned why these elderly patients were not placed on the Navy ship or in Jacob Javits Center.

As it turned out, both facilities were hardly used and someone should answer for this. And those someones are Governor Cuomo and Health Commissioner Howard Zucker. What a disgrace!

Thomas and Constance Dowd
Oakland Gardens

President Biden’s Agenda Is Frightening

Dear Editor: I am deeply disturbed, and confused as to how Brian Browne could praise Joe Biden as our President and a Catholic (“Moving Forward with Prayers and Poems,” Up Front & Personal, Jan. 30).

Just because Biden is Catholic by birth, does not mean that he is a good Catholic. He says and preaches unity and peace, but his actions strongly contradict his voice.

We are definitely “moving forward with prayers” because it is all we have at this moment. I can tell you that I, as a Catholic, have never prayed harder and louder than I have over the last two months knowing that Joe Biden will be our president.

Joe Biden’s agenda is frightening. Let’s start with late-term abortion and opening our borders to human trafficking, crime, and drugs. There go our safe lives.

I totally resent this piece praising Joe Biden as a Catholic, and I hope that many who voted for him will have “Biden remorse” in six months.

I can only pray for you, that you too will see the big picture because we should all start preparing for the end of the world as we know it.

Joanne Basile
Sheepshead Bay

The Secretary of Defense Our Country Needs

Dear Editor: Retired General Lloyd Austin was nominated by President Biden for the cabinet post of Secretary of Defense (“Lloyd Austin, Biden’s Pick for Secretary of Defense, Approved by Senate,” The Tablet website).

The U.S. Senate has approved Lloyd Austin who is a retired General in the U.S. Army. Lloyd is a Catholic and an African American who has accomplished much in his military career. Added to the fact he is the first African American to hold this post. During his time in Iraq, he was known as a soldier’s soldier.

General Austin commanded combat units in various Army divisions, including light infantry (the 10th Mountain) and airborne (82nd). He earned the Silver Star while leading the 3rd infantry in the “Thunder Run” offensive to Baghdad in March 2003.

Here is a Secretary of Defense our country truly needs. I myself served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam era and am now am a member of the American Legion Post #103 in Douglaston. As such I praise President Biden’s pick of retired General Lloyd Austin for the position of Secretary of Defense which will make our nation a little safer.

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.

Which Direction Is the Church Going?

Dear Editor: A recent Tablet editorial asked, “Where does the country go from here?” The answer is obvious. The Democratic Party despises all faiths — with a special hatred for Catholics.

I ask, which direction is the church going? Are we interested in theology or ideology? Are we going to join a mob that denies due process, punishes anyone who disagrees, eliminates freedom of speech, and demands nothing should be questioned regarding election integrity?

John O’Rourke

Talk of Helping The Marginalized Is Just Empty Rhetoric

Dear Editor: More than ever, pro-life Catholics must stand firm in their beliefs. In the recent past, the Delaware State News trumpeted, “Biden Brings Solid Catholic Faith to the Presidency.”

The article then stated how Biden will work with Pope Francis on caring for the marginalized, addressing climate change, and welcoming immigrants into our communities.

It is an opportunity to promote the diversity of the Catholic social teaching rather than seeing it through the preeminent singular lens of abortion.

All this talk of helping the marginalized is just empty rhetoric. Who is more marginalized than the innocents slaughtered?

As a Catholic, if the right to life starting at conception — and the ending of millions of lives — is not considered preeminent but merely an instance of Catholic social doctrine subordinated to the above-mentioned three quality-of-life issues, then the murder of over 60 million babies, support and government funding for Planned Parenthood and abortion up to birth — as Biden and Harris will allow — make a mockery of the Catholic faith.

Madeleine Santangelo-Palumbo
Seacliff, Long Island

Only With God’s Help Will Our Country Regain Unity

Dear Editor: Election fraud is not a new topic. More than 10 years ago, congressional Democrats raised the alarm on the problem posed by massive new mail-in voting (“The Election Results Have Been Litigated Ad Nauseum,” Readers’ Forum, Feb 6.).

The November election’s last-minute rule changes by election officials caused mayhem. President Trump, unfortunately, did not have the expertise of election law lawyers. His legal team did bring many suits after the election, but all were rejected by judges in various courts.

It is a sacred act to vote in an election. It is your voice. That is why it needs to be protected by law. Only with God’s help will our country regain our unity and a true love and respect of neighbor.

I find it troubling that praying Catholics can be accepting of a praying Catholic president who is changing the Mexico City Policy that prevented U.S. tax dollars to pay for abortions in foreign countries and the Hyde Amendment which prevents tax dollars to pay for abortions in the US.

Millions more of our unborn brothers and sisters, brown, black, white, and all colors and nationalities here in America and now around the world will now lose their lives under the new president who is trampling on their God-given right to life every single day.

Tim Haggerty
Rockaway Park