Letters to the Editor Week of March 19, 2022

The Need for Special Needs Ministry; Appreciation for The Tablet; The Threat of Biological Weapons; A Threat at The Border; Regarding George Weigel’s Recent Column.

Letters to the Editor, Week of Feb. 13, 2021

Until That Day When Abortion Is Unthinkable; The Loss of Elderly Patients in Nursing Homes;President Biden’s Agenda Is Frightening; The Secretary of Defense Our Country Needs; Which Direction Is the Church Going?; Talk of Helping The Marginalized Is Just Empty Rhetoric; Only With God’s Help Will Our Country Regain Unity.

Letters to the Editor, Week of October 10, 2020

This Election Is Crucial to The Future of our Country; Msgr. John P. Harrington, Truly a Man of Faith; A Gleaming Example of an Inspirational Priest; Pray for all Affected by The Coronavirus.

Letters to the Editor, Week of September 5, 2020

What Does it Mean to be ‘Religious’?; Catholic Voters Are Obliged to Vote Pro-life; The Pew Research Poll About President Trump’s Religiosity; The Wide Spectrum of Issues at Stake.

Father Martin’s Welcome

Dear Editor: I am responding to a recent letter about Jesuit priest Father James Martin. I recently attended a lecture given by Father Martin in a Catholic church. Following the talk, I met him at a book signing and was able, as a heterosexual human being, to spend a few minutes discussing church matters with him.

Moral Theology’s Depth

Dear Editor: I am deeply saddened that your references to Pope Francis’ pontificate show no awareness of the numerous issues for which thousands of thoughtful Catholic luminaries have been expressing grave concern.