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Letter From the Youth Editor: Dear Class of 2019, It’s All Good

Dear Class of 2019, remember – in the end, it’s all good!

 (Photo: Getty Images/andresr)

When I visited high schools around the diocese, I asked what were some of the biggest challenges you faced. Responses varied but for the most part it was how you tried to balance an excruciating workload, homework and extracurricular activities.

I didn’t grow up in New York City, but a lot of you also told me how the commute to school was tough because public transportation checked your patience at the door most of the days.

I want you to know that God sees you – especially through the struggles. When your project was barely done, but you know you put effort into it for weeks – God sees you. When you spent time with that friend who was going through a tough time instead of powering through the last pages of the class reading – God sees you. When you had to put on a smile when it wasn’t the best of days – God sees you.

You might wonder what’s the point of being challenged or what’s the point of pushing yourself to the limit. The answer to that isn’t always written in the textbooks, but instead it’s something developing within yourself as you face these challenges: character, virtue and strength.

Instead of perfection, you have grown in perserverance and for that, I am proud of you!


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