Our Youth

Let Them Speak: We Marched For Our Lives

Students and faculty from St. Joseph H.S., Downtown Brooklyn, attend the Manhattan demonstration March 24. (Photo: St. Joseph H.S.)

By Angela Castronova

On Saturday, March 24, I attended the March For Our Lives event in Manhattan in support of those students and teachers who lost their lives in the school shooting in Florida.

As a high school student, I am not a particularly political person and the idea of such rallies usually scared me. However, this cause moved me and I felt very emotionally attached to these students and teachers.

Since these students were my age and these teachers were like the ones around me everyday, I felt connected to them and felt compelled to attend the event in order to fight for a cause I strongly believed in.

At the march, I was surrounded by so many people my age who felt empowered to make a change much like I did. As a Christian it is very important to love others and proclaim joy and hope.

Students from St. Saviour H.S., Park Slope, also held a prayer service on the one-month anniversary of the Florida shooting. (Photo: St. Saviour H.S.)
(Photo: St. Joseph H.S.)
(Photo: St. Joseph H.S.)
(Photo: St. Joseph H.S.)
(Photo: St. Joseph H.S.)

United In Our Faith

I was filled with pride for my fellow students who attended this event to advocate for a hopeful and safer future.We showed love and sympathy for those who lost their lives even though we never knew them.

In a time where there is so much bad in the world, we all need to come together and unite in our faith and that’s the feeling I got at the march. It left me with a drive to get involved and fight for what I believe in.

Angela Castronova is a senior at St. Francis Preparatory H.S., Fresh Meadows.