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God’s Gals Sing at TMLA

By Jeanmarie Egan

Members of a faith-based music group at The Mary Louis Academy, Jamaica Estates, practice songs of praise.
Members of a faith-based music group at The Mary Louis Academy, Jamaica Estates, practice songs of praise.

“Shine your light and let the whole world see.” This lyric from the famous piece by Hillsong, “Mighty to Save,” was the igniting force behind God’s Gals, a faith-based, musical group at The Mary Louis Academy, Jamaica Estates.

The group consists of girls from all four years and of varied faiths. The group provides music for our school community’s liturgies, prayer services and special events such as the annual Christmas Tree Lighting. There are currently 30 members who participate in appreciating God through music.

God’s Gals perform mostly covers of varied genres including Pop, Christian Rock and Country. We have also composed our own renditions of iconic hymns, including “Table of Plenty,” “O Come, O Come Emmanuel,” and “We Are the Light of the World.”

Many members play instruments, including Caitlin Egan, as lead guitarist and Jillian Doherty and Michelle Garcia, our drummers, who are accompanied by tambourines. Our hope is that God’s Gals will help more people to join in TMLA’s faith-based gatherings.

So how did God’s Gals form? I believe it’s important for people to be excited and uplifted during Mass, and what better way to do that than through music? Singing has been my passion all my life and many in my school feel the same way. I knew this would be a great outlet to sing your heart out for not only entertainment, but also one’s own spiritual growth. Every Tuesday through Friday, morning Mass is offered in the TMLA Chapel, with live music at First Friday services. I often sang at the First Friday service, and I realized that our school community would be better served by having a group of students provide the music. God’s Gals quickly came together.

Now, at the end of my high school career, I know that TMLA has taught me countless lessons and values I will keep with me for the rest of my life. The most significant of these is to continue to provide a living witness to the mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph, Brentwood, L.I., who sponsor TMLA: the mission of unity, reconciliation and all-inclusive love.

God’s Gals plan to continue in our role at the morning Masses and also sing at the school-wide liturgies, including one of our most important, St. Joseph’s Feast Day, which we will celebrate on March 16 at Immaculate Conception Church in Jamaica Estates.

A long-term goal for the group would definitely be branching out to not only other high schools, but also elementary and middle schools as well as colleges and universities who wish to exhibit a love for Christ through their love for music.