Letters to the Editor

Genuine Man of the Cloth

Dear Editor: It was with deep sadness we heard about the recent death of our late mother’s nephew, Father Vincent Keane (“Msgr. Keane, Teacher and Pastor, Served As Priest For 60 Years,” Feb. 9).

I first met him in summer 1959 when he visited Ireland with his mother, Teresa Murtagh, who was making her first return home after the usual American wake departure in 1918. He was a tall, elegant, well-spoken, clean-cut awesome Yank with a broad smile. On his many visits here he often said Mass in our homestead for relatives, friends and neighbors.

One of many memories of him is ambling down the old house boreen to the Moyvalley reading his Office, with the ring of Mayo Mountains on the horizon to the northwest. Maintaining his ancestral links was very important and he found it very moving when he touched the stones of his grandfather’s birthplace near Woodfield Church.

Humor and laughter was some of his many attributes and often known to burst into song on some occasions. He was a genuine man of the cloth and he came across as truly happy, content with his calling, obliging, kind and understanding. His warm smile, winning ways and generous spirit will be forever missed.

May the Lord have mercy on his soul and reward him with eternal joy.


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Dear Editor: Father Keane started his teaching career at the same time as Father Basler in September 1959. He was assigned to teach Latin to a bunch of would-be juvenile delinquents starting their first year of high school at Cathedral Preparatory Seminary for the Diocese of Brooklyn.

Over the course of a few years we came to love him dearly for his saintliness, dedication to students and serenity.

He joined us for class reunions over the years and participated in special Masses we had for classmates and faculty. He made several videos for classmates who were seriously ill in which he expressed his concern and offered prayer.

We, the Class of ‘65, will miss him dearly and keep him in our prayers.


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Dear Editor: “Men, this is key.” The phrase embedded in the memory of every Cathedral Prep student who passed through those doors during Msgr. Keane’s time there. I’ve used the statement or variations of it through my life, always attributing it to Msgr. Keane. That’s how much of an impression he made on me in four short years.

Msgr. Keane was one of the most gentle, humble, loving and holy priests I have had the honor of knowing and I know very many priests around the world.

Heaven’s gain. And the world diminishes.


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