Letters to the Editor

A Very Sad Reality

Dear Editor: Priests are humans (“Diocese of Brooklyn Releases Names of Credibly Accused Clergy,” Feb. 23) Many Catholics have abandoned their religion because of this scandal. I feel that’s just a feeble excuse. I personally refuse to let the clergy stand in the way of my religion. If you truly believe in your religion then you would realize the clergy shouldn’t be the crutch for your abandoning your faith.

There are many good priests and they shouldn’t be included with those who are involved the scandals. I just wonder how deep was the faith of those who left their religion.


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Dear Editor: Very well-done and said, Bishop Nick. This very sad reality reminds us that: 1.) we all sin, at one time or another… and 2.) we all need God’s merciful forgiveness. Thanks for your leadership.


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Dear Editor: This is so sad. For the victims. For the perpetrators. And for those of us who trusted these men.


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