Letters to the Editor

Ford, Bishop and Martyr

Dear Editor: Heartfelt kudos to Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio for beginning the cause for the canonization of Bishop Francis X. Ford and for selecting exceptional men to work on the cause.

In 2002, you published my letter requesting that the cause for Bishop Ford’s canonization begin. I sent copies of that letter to Bishop Thomas V. Daily and the superior general of Maryknoll. I received agreeable, but noncommittal, responses. At long last, the process has begun.

We know that Bishop Ford died a martyr’s death and lived a saintly life. He was the quintessential good shepherd of his flock, refusing to leave them as imminent danger approached. Indeed, he gave his life for his sheep.

May we soon see the day when the Universal Church will celebrate the Feast of St. Francis Xavier Ford, Bishop and Martyr.