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Feast of St. Andre Besette Led by ’98 Holy Cross Alumnus

On the morning of Jan. 6, the Holy Cross auditorium, Flushing, was filled with students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members who congregated to celebrate the feast of St. Andre Bessette. (Photo: Holy Cross High School)

Initiated by Jack Rampulla, director of Campus Ministry and his many campus ministers, the event began in the usual way – an opening prayer and hymns beautifully sung by Evan Katsefes, Class of 2018. The Mass, led by alumnus Father Jean-Pierre Seon ’98, highlighted how we must “thank Jesus” and ask Him to show us His way, His will and His light.

Father Seon’s words were a joyful conglomerate of motivation, inspiration and comfort for everyone in the room. He spoke of his experiences at Holy Cross H.S. nearly two decades ago, and how being a Holy Cross student not only led him to become a true Holy Cross Man – but to live a life teaching the Gospel – a life he had no idea he would ever be a part of until he experienced God’s calling.

Throughout his time preaching in front of hundreds of young men, he stressed the importance of God’s will and how we ought to pray for God’s way and the way of Christ.

Students listened diligently to Father Seon’s powerful words and then ended the Mass together with Communion and a final prayer.