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FBI May Have Broadened Its Probe of ‘Traditionalist Catholics’: Rep. Jordan

The Federal Bureau of Investigation seal is seen at FBI headquarters before a 2018 news conference in Washington. (Photo: OSV News)

By The Tablet Staff

PROSPECT HEIGHTS — The House Judiciary Committee said Aug. 9, that the FBI may have had a broader investigation into traditionalist Catholics earlier this year, citing multiple reports from field offices.

In February, a leaked memo was released that the FBI’s Richmond, Virginia, field office was looking into “radical traditionalist” Catholics who the feds alleged may have been part of a “far-right white nationalist movement.” 

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, the chairman of the judiciary committee, said Wednesday that “information recently produced to the committee” showed that the FBI “relied on information from around the country … to develop its assessment” that some traditionalist Catholics could potentially be domestic terrorists.

The latest development could mean that FBI Director Chris Wray misled the House Judiciary Committee earlier this year by saying it was an isolated event restricted to the Richmond office. In testimony, Wray said the report in question was “a single product by a single field office.”

As a result of the newest release, Jordan issued a fresh round of subpoenas related to the investigation, including communications between the Richmond, Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles field offices, as well as any “intelligence products” related to those collaborations.

Jordan gave Wray until Aug. 23 to respond to the demands.

One thought on “FBI May Have Broadened Its Probe of ‘Traditionalist Catholics’: Rep. Jordan

  1. Are we relying on the voice of Jim Jordan who supports without reservation the twice impeached and 3 times indited former president or can we support the FBI as they attempt to weed out the radicalized even if they wear a Roman collar. The collar does not necessarily represent truth, justice and American democracy.