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Father Hesburgh’s Legacy

Dear Editor: I am sure that the recent passing of the longest-serving president of the University of Notre Dame, Father Theodore B. Hesburgh, touched many in the Catholic collegiate world. Although I am a graduate (1951) of St. Francis College, Brooklyn, I was deeply impressed by one of his comments that I quoted periodically in my high school teaching career, as well as my catechetical stint at St. Pius X, Rosedale.

Whenever I taught a lesson that touched upon the family, I would tell my class: “The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.”

In a world that is beset with family issues, Father Hesburgh’s words should envelop every Catholic family.



One thought on “Father Hesburgh’s Legacy

  1. By making deals with every powerful pro-abortion foundation he could find, not to mention praising them, he became one of the great mass murderers in human history. How many babies had their skulls crushed as a direct result of his cowardly insistence on validating their destruction.

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