Letters to the Editor

Faith vs. Politics

Dear Editor: In response to Robert J. Tillman’s letter (April 7), attempting to defend America’s president as a Christian is rather fruitless. That might explain why many, Cardinal Dolan included, are now specifically and particularly vociferously targeting the Democratic Party as the persecutors of Christian faith.

Perhaps people should separate their faith from their politics. Nobody in their right mind would look to President Trump for Christian Faith (and we all know evangelical Protestantism is a political movement that has masqueraded as religious for generations only to be unmasked by President Trump for what it is), as we would not look to a cleric for politics.

Of course, Presidents Obama and Clinton condemned illegal entry into this country. That is a duty of the President. What was their reasoning? Political expediency. The politics that President Trump presents it with is particularly xenophobic and bigoted. It is outright Nativism. It is not just about “securing our borders” as it is about “othering” people.

There is plenty in Church teaching and the Bible on the treatment of strangers, migrants, foreigners and “aliens.”

Brenda A. Nunez

Forest Hills