Letters to the Editor

First-Grade Teacher

Dear Editor: Sister Marymel (Sister Patricia Dolores Wagner, O.P., Obituary, Jan. 6) was my first-grade teacher and I remember her as creative in the classroom and endlessly kind to me as I cried my way through every day of that first school year.

She had only been a sister for a few years at the time and I am glad my wailing didn’t scare her off! She patiently taught us arithmetic, writing, and phonics and I still remember her rhymes and songs that she had us memorize.

Most important she taught us the Faith that I treasure and practice to this day.

Sister Marymel also did me a huge favor when she facilitated a friendship on the playground between me and a classmate, Colleen Rochford, that endured for a lifetime… until Colleen’s death a few years ago.

Thank you Sister Marymel. You are one of a kind!

With love and appreciation,

Eileen McCartin Love

Littleton, Colo.

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