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Extreme Bernie

“Is there such a thing as a pro-life Democrat in your vision of the party?” Bernie Sanders was asked recently.

“I think being pro-choice is an absolutely essential part of being a Democrat,” Sanders replied. “By this time in history … when we talk about what a Democrat is, I think being pro-choice is an essential part of that.”

In Sanders’ view, abortion is a litmus test. Democrats are expected to support legal abortion without limit and without argument. The old Bill Clinton mantra that abortion should be “safe, legal and rare” is gone. Now, if you don’t support abortion up until the second the baby is born, you don’t belong in the Democratic Party.  That is what tolerance and diversity look like for the front-runner for the Democratic Party nomination in 2020.

It is the triumph of the pro-abortion ideology over science, politics and common sense. During the last few decades, new studies and discoveries about pregnancy and the development of the fetus have shown that what humanity accepted as a moral truth from the beginning of civilization is today a scientific certainty: The baby inside the womb is a human person. But scientific evidence doesn’t mean anything to pro-choice radicals.

Consider that a quarter of the American electorate is Catholic. Until the mid-1960s, 90 percent of Catholics voted Democrat. Today that number is about 50 percent. That means 12 or 13 million Catholics, potential voters, are Democrats. But that doesn’t seem to matter to Bernie Sanders. He wants those voters out of the party if they are not ready to shed the pro-life tenets of their Catholic faith and accept the ideology of abortion on demand.

That Taliban-grade ideological purity that Sanders demands sounds more Leninist that Jeffersonian. When commenting on an intraparty dispute, Lenin once wrote: “That today, when the wave has ebbed, there remain and will remain only real Marxists, does not frighten us but rejoices us.”

Sanders, who spent his honeymoon in the Soviet Union and visited the Lenin mummy during his Moscow rendezvous, seems to be closer to the Soviet tyrant’s style than to the supposedly democratic socialism he claims to profess.

Some people in the Democratic Party establishment are nervous. Democratic strategist James Carville recently admitted to be “scared to death” by the prospect of having Sanders as the nominee. Of course, Carville wasn’t talking about abortion, which he supports.

Carville is worried about Sanders’ extreme ideas in general. Sanders has proposed nationalization of the U.S. health-care system and a $2 trillion government takeover of electrical power production.

Now he thinks anyone who doesn’t agree with his extreme views on abortion doesn’t belong in “his” party. You have to wonder what it would be like to have him as president of the United States after the government takes over health care and electrical power generation. What would happen then to those who don’t agree with his ideas?

Bernie’s supporters say the socialism he sells to voters is what Scandinavian countries practice. But he sounds more like Lenin than Olof Palme. And he didn’t go to Finland for his honeymoon; he went to Moscow.

When he accused Carville of being a political hack for criticizing his extreme ideas, Carville retorted: “Bernie called me a political hack. That’s exactly who I am!” And then added: “At least I’m not a communist.”

While every Democratic candiate is pro-choice and favors a bigger role for the government in people’s lives, Sanders is by far the most extreme of the candidates. He is a huge problem for the Democratic establishment. If he wins the nomination, every voter will have to ask whether a radical should be president.

2 thoughts on “Extreme Bernie

  1. It has become a very sad state of affairs when evil has become as powerful as it is. It is individuals like Mr. Sanders (and other prominent Democrats) who toss aside God’s agenda for all of us and insert an agenda based on evil. When I see things of this sort, I truly wonder if they have forgotten the stages of life starting with conception.

    I equate this to my former profession. Come this June 2020, I will be a retired teacher. Why did I become a teacher? I became a teacher because I was inspired to do so by my former teachers at St. Catherine of Sienna in St. Albans, Christ the King High School in Middle Village and my professors at St. John’s University. They encouraged me to go out and teach others. I did. The same rule can be applied to those who are contemplating an abortion. They were allowed to have a life. Why can’t these same people “pay it forward” and allow the unborn to have their lives? Instead of voraciously advocating abortions, why can’t he just put the same energy into promoting adoptions instead?

    It is Mr. Sanders position, although he is NOT the first to state it and certainly not alone in stating it, that motivated me to officially leave his party thirty years ago. I am PROUD to say that I left the Democrat Party. He did not even have to tell me. The evil that he embraces is clearly seen in his words. My only hope is that I am not alone. To me, his possible presidency would not only be a financial disaster for our country, but an extremely immoral disaster as well, bar none.

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