Mother Cabrini Arrives Once Again in New York City

Thanks should be given to the leaders of the She Built NYC initiative. Our readers may remember that the program, started in 2018 under New York City’s first lady Chirlane McCray, asked the public to nominate women to be honored with statues in New York City.

Praying for President Trump Is the Right Thing to Do

As The Tablet goes to print, President Donald Trump is in his fifth day of battling the coronavirus. Studies show that many COVID-19 patients suddenly deteriorate after 7-10 days of contracting the coronavirus.

Reality Won’t Confirm Our Political Preferences

The death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 45 days before the elections, has shaken an already turbulent season. For many voters, Supreme Court picks are an important issue in choosing the candidate they will support.

The Wilkinson Era

This is the first time in a half-century The Tablet was published without having Ed Wilkinson as one of its employees. He retired Monday, September 21, 50 years to the day he was hired by The Tablet in 1970. For half a century — as a reporter, sports columnist, news editor, editor-in-chief, and editor emeritus — he has been a constant presence in the paper.

Dignity of Human Life Transcends Politics

As the elections approach, abortion debates will once again heat up. And, near an election, all debates tend to be reduced to whom you should vote for.

‘Where There Is Hatred, Let Me Sow Love’

This is a good time to remember things that should be obvious: Family is more important than politics, friendship is more significant than party affiliation.

What Must Be Said

How important is the language used to administer sacraments? Why would a sacrament be invalid just because the minister changed a couple of words in the formula established to administer it? We have a look at the case in this issue of The Tablet with quotes from experts in both fields, but it would be useful to point out two details about the case.

The Lost Summer?

September is almost here. It’s the time when we normally say good-bye to summer — vacations, travel, the beach — and go back to normal life. Kids and young people go back to school. Of course, this year, summer was anything but normal.

‘Why did The Tablet report that story?’

Be an observer of events, not a participant, ask probing questions, and do not allow personal opinions or political allegiances to taint your reporting.