Politics in China Could Delay Canonization of Bishop Ford

A couple of months ago, I thought it was a slam dunk that Bishop Francis X. Ford would soon be beatified and on his way to canonization. But with recent developments in the Church in Communist China, I think the timeline may be longer.

NET-TV Treated Us to Sights And Sounds of Papal Trip

I hope you had a chance to watch NET-TV’s coverage of the papal trip to Chile and Peru. I was happy to be one of the guest commentators during the six days of following Pope Francis’ every move and word in South America.

In Hawaii, a Lesson Learned About Possibility of War

Bob Golden had a very successful business career as an executive with Prudential. Although he is now retired, he continues to be a major benefactor for diocesan charities. For instance, his support for The Cathedral Club of Brooklyn is evident by his presence each year at the annual fund-raising dinner.

Let Us Pray for an End to The Arctic Blasts

I would not do well as a Canadian. This past weekend reminded me how much I dislike the cold weather. I sometimes wonder what I’m still doing in the Northeast during this time of the year.

Pope and President Poised For Big Years in 2018

Here’s my news prediction for 2018: The two dominant figures of 2017 will remain popular and each will gain ground in terms of achievement.

I’m talking about Pope Francis and President Donald Trump. I’m talking big strides for each over the next 12 months.

Final Push to Make Up Shortfall in Christmas Drive

As the last-minute push toward Christmas dwindles down to a precious few days, we’re trying to get our Bright Christmas checks out to the parishes and agencies that help the needy of Brooklyn and Queens at Christmas.