Have You Renewed Your Tablet Subscription?

We will be talking up individual subscriptions as the fall pastoral year approaches. I plan to meet with each deanery in Brooklyn and Queens to elaborate on how to bring down the parish subscribers and convert them to individual subscribers.

The Legends of Martyrs Continue to Grow

When I was a student in elementary school, I remember the nuns telling us that we would probably never be called upon to give our life’s blood for the faith. This was usually in the context about how so many martyrs had died for the faith. One of our heroes at the time was Bishop Francis X. Ford, the Maryknoller from Brooklyn who lost his life in a Communist Chinese prison camp.

The Stage Is Being Set for The Great Irish Fair

At this year’s Great Irish Fair, set for Sept. 22 in Coney Ireland, I will be pleased to accept the second annual Al O’Hagan Memorial Award for Community Service. I am honored because in some small way it will continue to keep alive the great legacy of O’Hagan, one of the chief architects of the Fair.

Can We Have a Rational Discussion About Immigration?

Since The Tablet did not publish an issue last weekend, the letters to the editor have been piling up on my desk. Most of them have dealt with one subject – the separation of families at the border between the United States and Mexico as we struggle with an influx of peoples wanting to enter the U.S.

Kids Were Winners When Collars Took on Scholars

Being Editor of The Tablet has taken me to places where I never would have gone. Take for instance last Monday evening when I walked onto the field at MCU Park in Coney Island to umpire the softball game between the Collars and the Scholars.

Intolerance and Incivility Once Again Reign at Tony Awards

I rarely watch the show business awards shows, like the Emmys, Oscars and Tonys. I just can’t stand being lectured by a bunch of actors who think they are the role models for public behavior. Their arrogance and self-righteousness gets under my skin.