Beyond Cardinal Pell

On Aug. 21, in a 2-1 decision, the conviction of Cardinal George Pell was upheld by the Victoria state Court of Appeal in Melbourne, Australia.

A Priority for All Catholics

When I was a kid, the final week of each summer vacation felt like the saddest thing. In June, the summer looked like an eternity of freedom, but now you were facing again the new school year, the classes and homework. Of course, there was also the excitement of seeing your school friends again and sharing the stories of the summer.

The Massacres of the Innocents

The farming town of Gilroy, Calif., is known as the Garlic Capital of the World. Its claim to fame is the Gilroy Garlic Festival, where you can have a cone of garlic ice cream.

2020 Foresight

“This is the most important election of our lifetime.” We hear that every four years. Sometimes, the phrase is even used to describe midterm elections. Obviously, not every election can be “the most important.”

Fulton Sheen and the Long Tradition of Relic Battles

At the end of June, Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s remains were transferred from the Archdiocese of New York to the Diocese of Peoria in Illinois. The transfer was preceded by three years of litigation between the diocese where Archbishop Sheen served as a priest and became a popular radio personality and the archdiocese where he served as an auxiliary bishop and became a TV star. The fact that two Catholic dioceses went to court in a dispute for the remains of a saintly man may seem odd, but actually it is part of a long tradition.

Celebrating Freedom With Barbecues and Fireworks

While celebrating the Fourth of July this week, I remembered the first time I spent the holiday in the United States almost three decades ago. I grew up in Cuba, where the celebration of national holidays — as with almost any aspect of daily life — was run by the government.