All Hands on Deck! Chaplain Coming Aboard!

U.S. Navy Lieut. Mark Bristol, aka Father Mark Bristol, parochial vicar at St. Anastasia parish, Douglaston, celebrated his first anniversary as a priest, with a three-day whirlwind observance of Fleet Week.

Bishop Daily Loved Being Among People of the Diocese

My neighbors still remember the day Bishop Thomas V. Daily came to bless my house. The Bishop and his secretary Msgr. Ralph Maresca walked through the rooms, sprinkling holy water and reciting prayers. We all then sat down to a meal with family and friends.

Visions of Fatima Continue to Intrigue Us to This Day

I expect a large audience on Friday and Saturday when NET-TV broadcasts live coverage of Pope Francis’ pilgrimage to Fatima. I say that because there is such great interest in the events that happened in that Portuguese city 100 years ago this weekend.

Democrats’ Anti-Life Stand Continues to Alienate People

Our first Letter to the Editor this week says it all. The recent statement by the newly elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee clearly states the position of the party when it comes to the life issue.