Our Youth

Exploring the Humanities at Kearney High School Exposition

Sharing their Harlem Renaissance project are freshman, from left, Neildha Blanc and Phyia Walker. (Photos: Bishop Kearney H.S.)

Bishop Kearney H.S., Bensonhurst, hosted its annual interdisciplinary fair where its English, social studies and foreign language departments collaborated on projects that students have been working on since last November.The event was an opportunity for the students to showcase what they learned in the classroom and bring it to life for the whole school to see.

According to their foreign language department teacher, students chose to work on topics such as the Renaissance time period, Roman architecture and Greek mythology to hieroglyphics and other subjects.

“They were very creative!” said Maria Giarracca, who hoped for her students to engage in different cultures. She worked alongside department chairperson Maryanne Maffei in order to successfully prepare for the Humanities Expo.

Some students even decided to bring their classroom curriculum to life and explore Brooklyn’s diverse population.

“We even had certain students do on-the-street interviews regarding Hispanic heritage. They had fun being creative using their talents.”