Letters to the Editor

Don’t Mock Worshippers

Dear Editor: I write concerning the opinions expressed by some regarding opposition to the music being played during Mass in some churches. I think many of the chants, regulations and prayers in the Church have come from rules and traditions handed down through the years. Many of them have nothing to do with Christ’s teachings while on Earth. Jesus did not sing Gregorian Chant or pray written prayers. He would have prayed extemporaneously from the heart to God.

In the Psalms and other books of the Bible, we are told to make joyful noise unto the Lord, to sing praises and dance, play the tambourine and other instruments while praying to Him. The Church is a building. The Body of the Church, namely the congregation, is the most important thing. We are supposed to be evangelizing and spreading the Word and teachings as per Christ’s instructions. Each of us is a disciple of Christ spreading the Word according to each other’s customs and speech. The Body of Christ should not be criticizing how one worships but should be trying to draw more believers to the Gospel and teachings of Christ through fellowship, understanding, and acknowledging the differences among all peoples.

I am afraid the structure and rigidity of the Church are driving away the young people – the Body of Christ of today.

In the Nov. 12th Tablet, Pope Francis warns about people rigidly bound to the law because Jesus always called them hypocrites. They do not know or are not familiar with the teachings in the Bible.