Letters to the Editor

Discussion Not Bickering

Dear Editor: I read your editorial (Jan. 13) entitled “Stop Bickering” and I take great exception to your opinion. I do not consider concerned citizens speaking their minds as bickering. These are no ordinary circumstances and Donald Trump is no ordinary president. Citizens of this already great country have a right and obligation to educate themselves about their leaders and to call them out when necessary.

Prayer should be an integral part of our everyday lives but even Jesus used words of condemnation and direct action when he saw injustice and immoral behavior. Remember the money lenders in the Temple and His defense of the outcasts of society.

A recent “60 Minutes” interview with Gov. Jerry Brown revealed a very prescient comment by the governor. He said, “This man has no fear of the Almighty.” No one who does could possibly remain silent when your president calls the press “the enemy of the people.” I do not recall The Tablet using the term, “bickering,” when you and others criticized President Obama and his decisions or when Donald Trump questioned President Obama’s place of birth.

However you choose to characterize the concerns of the citizenry of this nation, please do not insult these people and their concerns by calling it “bickering.”