Catholic Schools Week 2018

Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Academy

A Well-Rounded Education in Dyker Heights

Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Academy (OLGCA) in Dyker Heights offers an excellent, well-rounded education in accordance with New York State Common Core Standards. Last year alone, the graduating class was awarded over $300,000 in high school scholarships.

A talented, fully-dedicated faculty works diligently to meet the needs of each and every one of OLGCA’s students. The school community works tirelessly to provide a safe and caring environment in which every child can excel.

Students have been recognized for success in regional math bees, art competitions, poetry and essay contests, as well as for receiving top marks on both New York State and Terra Nova standardized exams. The academy has even introduced a Latin and Greek Roots Challenge for students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade, which has already proven to advance language arts skills and increase test scores.

OLGCA believes a sound education requires a close working relationship with parents and caretakers. The school stresses and welcomes family involvement in all sponsored activities. OLGCA also leverages the Option C system to offer parents constant access to their child’s grades, as well as alerts regarding school closings and upcoming school events.

With a steadfast commitment to offering students the best education for the changing world, OLGCA has invested largely in its technology and science departments. Junior High students are taught computer programming skills and have access to a recently purchased 3-D printer.

Additionally, fourth through eighth grades use a new interactive science software program, which combines hands-on learning with exposure to new technology.

While preparing students for the modern world, OLGCA still believes it is important to stay true to its core identity and roots as a Catholic academy that instills key pillars of a Catholic education, both inside and outside the classroom. OLGCA hosts student-focused liturgies, prepares children for First Friday and promotes volunteering, community service and gift giving through the Mission Club. Having a strong connection to the neighboring Italian community, OLGCA also offers students instruction in Italian.

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