Catholic Schools Week

“Can you do a backflip?” isn’t the average question that Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio must address, but during Catholic Schools Week, students at St. Gregory the Great Catholic Academy, Bellerose, got a chance to “Stump the Bishop” with inquiries that showcased their inquisitive innocence and curiosity.

Catholic Schools Week Supplement 2018

In anticipation of Catholic Schools Week 2018, The Tablet proudly presents this special pullout section with valuable information for current and prospective Catholic school parents on Catholic schools in Brooklyn and Queens.

Achieving Success Through Learning, Serving, Leading

As we begin to celebrate Catholic Schools Week on Jan. 28, the theme: “Catholic Schools: Learn, Serve, Lead, Succeed” definitely applies to the academies and parish schools within the Diocese of Brooklyn.

Development Is Essential To Sustaining Academies

As dioceses grapple with innovative ways to finance Catholic education, renewed emphasis has been placed on the area of development, or as the secondary and higher education communities say, institutional advancement.

Marketing: Get the Word Out About Educational Successes

Marketing initiatives have become more innovative within the Catholic academies and schools of the Diocese of Brooklyn. Templates have been created, partnerships have been formed, ads are school specific and campaigns to target the appropriate audiences have been implemented.

Student Achievement Increases With Parental Engagement

The school reform movement posits a number of factors leading to the achievement of students and the success of the school. One factor points to the involvement of parents in the education of their children. No surprise to Catholic educators!

Keeping Up with Vaccinations

From routine checkups and immunizations, to house calls when needed, Millennium Pediatrics offers quality health care from birth through adolescence from a board-certified pediatrician.