CSW2013: St. Anselm School, Bay Ridge

Embraces Mission of Stewardship


There’s a simple mission thriving at St. Anselm’s Catholic School in Bay Ridge – Stewardship.

What Time Is It?
At St. Anselm Catholic School, it is always time for stewardship. Whether it’s through frequent daily prayer, the educational interactions among teachers and students, or simply passing one another in the halls, the school community embraces a commitment to serve as stewards of God. Principal Linda Addonisio believes that teaching children to choose a Christ-centered path begins by respecting the dignity of each individual person.
Before they can grasp their connectedness to others in the world, students must recognize first how they are connected to their classmates and teachers in the school. Then they realize that the world is something they are part of, something to be cared for and respected. Strong academics, structure, discipline and a technology-rich program are among the key ingredients in this recipe.

28a-CSW2013-anselm1How Does This Play Out?
Principal Addonisio credits the success of the school to the harmonious interrelationship of faculty, staff and parents at St. Anselm’s.
They provide an authentic model for the children by consistently going above and beyond to not only serve the needs of the school but also to help the community at large.
Recently, the school welcomed many children affected by Hurricane Sandy into its classrooms, and something beautiful happened as a result of this tragedy. Students formed new friendships and developed empathy for the hardships of others. 

Visit St. Anselm’s
In addition to academics, there are a plethora of sensory delights to soothe one’s world-weary edges. A walk in the early childhood classrooms might reveal the scent of cornbread wafting through the hall.  
The ringing of meditative wind chimes serenades the weekly prayer service and the Ave Maria Prayer Room provides a quiet, contemplative space for students and teachers to reflect and pray.  
The fifth- and sixth-grade Alpha Room is filled with creative student projects based on the science and technology curriculum. The dismissal bell generates a student buzz over the after-school programs and clubs such as chess, drama and needlecraft. 
Come join us as we continue along our journey as stewards.