College Point Parish School Will Close

Faced with declining enrollment and increased operating costs, St. Fidelis School, College Point, will close in June.

Enrollment statistics indicate that St. Fidelis has 142 students in kindergarten through eighth grade. It represents a precipitous decline since five years earlier when 246 students attended the school, which opened in 1856.

It is a longstanding principle for parish schools in Brooklyn and Queens that when enrollment from grades kindergarten through eight goes below 225 students, it is identified as at-risk of closing.

Meanwhile, the escalating costs of operating the school have placed a heavy burden on St. Fidelis, according to parish financial data. Tuition is $3,400 per child, but the per-pupil cost is $6,119. The parish does not have the financial resources to bridge the gap.

“St. Fidelis School will be fully operational until the last day of school, continuing to provide a quality education,” said Msgr. Denis Herron, administrator. “We place our trust in God and ask His guidance as we move into the future. We ask your understanding and cooperation.”

Dr. Thomas Chadzutko, Superintendent of Schools, said that schools in neighboring parishes will have seats to accommodate children from St. Fidelis.

He also said that plans are underway to assist the faculty members who wish to teach at another Catholic school in Brooklyn or Queens. They will be placed on a priority list that will be sent to principals.