Letters to the Editor

Climate Change, Global Warming and Politics

Dear Editor: Many Christian conservatives are surprised that some Catholic schools marched against “climate change,” which was first called “global warming” (“Students Rally for Climate Change,” Sept. 28). I also remember reading about the “global cooling” of the 1970’s. In addition, I remember reading that NYC would be “under water in 2015.”

“How dare” many educators in our schools and colleges scare our young people into believing such nonsense, when many scientists say not to worry? Are we really going to destroy the earth in 12 years? Why didn’t Greta Thunberg “dare” to call out by name countries like India, China, Indonesia, etc. which pollute our planet much more than the USA?

How much was spent on Greta’s “sailed trip”? Didn’t Greta and her crew fly home in a plane that uses fossil fuel? “How dare” they?

Christopher Amato 

Bay Ridge

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