Letters to the Editor

Clarifications Wantedl

Dear Editor: As a convert and faithful Catholic, I was happy to see America’s Catholic bishops bravely speaking out in their condemnation of the reported racism of those who were neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia.

I do wish, though, that our bishops would be as brave and forthright in condemning the exclusionary racism of equally racist groups like La Raza (“The Race”) and Black Lives Matter. These groups are clearly racist and even violent at times. Hopefully, with the grace of God, our Bishops will find the courage to speak out as forthrightly against these racist groups as well.

Also, I am a little puzzled by our pope’s statement in support of mass migration, that the nations these masses are migrating to must  “prioritize (the) personal safety (of the migrants) over (the) national security (of the nations they are trying to enter).”

Is not a nation’s security fundamentally concerned with the personal safety of its own citizens? Or are the pope’s words truly meant to imply that the personal safety of the migrating masses must be of a higher priority than the personal safety of the peoples and nations they are migrating to?

A clarification of these strange words would be very welcome to many of us, since they seem so intellectually confused and confusing.

Let us all pray for our bishops and our pope to have more clarity and wisdom in their pronouncements.