A Year After Charlottesville, U.S. Church Still Struggling with Race

When counter-protesters arrived in Charlottesville, Virginia last August to challenge the white nationalists and neo-Nazis gathered there, the one thing Gloria Purvis kept asking herself as she looked with horror upon television images of Confederate flags, torches, automatic rifles and Swastikas, was “Where are the Catholic priests?”

Rosary For Peace and Justice On Charlottesville Anniversary

As the first anniversary of violence stemming from protests and counter-protests regarding the removal of Confederate monuments from Charlottesville approached, Bishop Barry C. Knestout of Richmond, Va., asked people to pray for justice, peace and an end to racism on the Aug. 12 anniversary.

Clarifications Wantedl

Dear Editor: As a convert and faithful Catholic, I was happy to see America’s Catholic bishops bravely speaking out in their condemnation of the reported racism of those who were neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia.

A Complicated Civil War

ear Editor: I read the Tablet from front to back each week and enjoy being current with all things Catholic.

Reactions to Charlottesville

Dear Editor: I am not surprised, but am nonetheless disappointed, to read of your editorial staff’s support for the removal of the statue of General Robert E. Lee (“The Insanity of Racism,” Aug. 19).