Forgiving Vandalism Takes Hate Off Pedestal

Violence against Catholic churches, statues, and religious objects, in particular, has increased greatly during the past year. Since May 2020, there have been more than 81 confirmed attacks on Catholic churches in 25 states, according to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Vandals have toppled, defaced, destroyed, and set fire to Catholic schools, churches, offices, convents, monasteries, statues, and devotional objects.

Honoring an Irish Priest’s Love For an African American Flock

I would like to recommend that the Great Irish Fair make Msgr. Bernard J. Quinn, Servant of God, the posthumous honoree next year. “Father Quinn,” as he was fondly known to everyone, wholeheartedly embraced the downtrodden lot of African Americans as an Irish American priest.

Vibrant Ministries Make Big Impact on Campuses

As a recent college graduate and now as a seminarian, I cannot help but reflect on the importance of Catholic campus ministries, Newman Centers, and Newman Clubs serving students around the country.

Bishop-designate Brennan a True Father

I feel privileged to know Bishop Robert Brennan and to have had the opportunity to serve alongside him in the Diocese of Columbus as the Vicar for Hispanic Ministry.

Embrace Your Parish, Come Back To Mass

What if we were to meet Jesus here in Brooklyn or Queens and he asked us: Do you also want to leave? (John 6:60-69) What would our answer be?

Abortion is Nothing To Celebrate

In response to the new Texas law that protects unborn children from abortion after their hearts begin to beat, New York State politicians appear to be somewhat hysterical. They held a political event earlier this month in Central Park, blasting the law as “shocking,” “draconian” and “dangerous.”

Leader’s School Supplies: Faith, Joy, Commitment

Starting another academic year ushers in a myriad of emotions: sadness in watching summer fade, the excitement of being reunited with friends, the stress of finding all the right school supplies. Each member of our school community prepares for the beginning of school in their own way with a unique perspective on re- turning to the classroom.

Remembering a Very Dark Day

It’s been 20 years since the worst attack on our country. I lost many people I knew and loved.

The Pandemic and The Eucharist

For many parishes, this past year was a challenging and unnerving one, one that radically shattered our routines, stalled our ministries, and brought a steep decline in Mass attendance and collections. Many pastors, as a result, can’t wait for the “new normal” to look a little more like the old normal.