A Reunion to Top All Reunions

Sometimes, you never know where or when your life can change for the better. When it does, you will know it. I should know. It happened to me 48 years ago. They say that if you want to make God laugh, just tell Him your plans. I am sure that He laughed at my plans, but He made me smile when He planned for me to meet my friend again.

Who Invented Civil Marriage?

This question can be challenging for a trivia quiz. I suppose it would make people think, especially those who are interested in the Catholic doctrine on the sacrament of marriage. I want to see smart guys raise their hands to answer the question.

A Tree Down in Brooklyn

During Tropical Storm Isaias, several brave birds visited the feeder in my Brooklyn garden, so I was hopeful that we would weather this storm unscathed. I was wrong.

A Black Lives Matter Champion Avant la Lettre

Kudos to The Tablet of this past August 1, for the enlightening coverage of African Americans whose causes for canonization are being promoted by the Church. Despite the roadblocks of racism that stood in their paths, they persevered in following the Lord without counting the cost. They are truly an inspiration to us.

Catholics in America

My point is this: Catholics should be in the forefront of the fight against racism in our society for two reasons. First, Catholic teaching declares our equal dignity before a loving God. Second, historically we can appreciate what it feels like to be looked down upon, to be seen as inferior by other Americans. The struggle against bigotry is one struggle and it is ours.

Catholic Schools Need CARE to Survive

When we reflect on the COVID-19 crisis, I pray we can look back on this period as the great turning point for our Catholic schools. Amid the suffering and uncertainty, the light of our Catholic schools shone through, especially in Brooklyn and Queens.

Those Quotidian Irritants

If you look at the backsplash behind our kitchen sink here in Brooklyn, you will see a New Yorker cartoon by Victoria Roberts. A bespectacled couple stands on either side of the opened door of a dishwasher. The man is saying, “I will always be better at loading the dishwasher, Marie. Can we live with that?”

Forsake Not the Work of Your Hands

At Mass, one Sunday every three years, those years when my son’s age is divisible by three, we read from Psalm 138. It ends in a plea for God to “forsake not the work of your hands.”

Freedom at Its Best

“Mandating face masks is unconstitutional and an affront to my freedom.” Despite the scientific wisdom of this mandate, some citizens vociferously reject it.

My Father’s Personal Sacramental

In my 20 or so years of being on the St. Saviour RCIA team, I have repeatedly viewed Father Michael J. Himes’s videos in his “The Mystery of Faith: An Introduction to Catholicism.”