Chronicles from Ukraine: A Morning in Wartime

Mornings in my country are no longer good and peaceful, as they used to be. Now, every morning in Ukraine is full of the death of our innocent children, full of the death of peaceful people, full of destroyed families.

Breaking the Sonic Barrier During Lent

I really wanted the Sonic drink. But it was the first Friday of Lent, and I gave up Sonic for Lent. So there I was sitting at the stoplight, fighting myself on whether or not I would turn left to Sonic or right to get home.

Women of Ordinary Time

Throughout March, myriad celebrations of “Women’s History Month” unfolded. I understand the sentiment behind this and see the great value in recognizing the contributions that so many of my sisters, past and present, have made to building our society.

The Second Day of The War in Ukraine

Thoughts come to my mind: Why do young people and children have to live this experience? Why are they forced to spend their mornings and days in Lviv at the Catholic University of Ukraine?

The Day War Broke Out in Ukraine

For all Ukrainians, February 24 became the starting point of the inevitable way to the victory of good over evil.

Sister Nora Gatto, DC

Returning to the Pews: Top 5 Reasons

Would you text your friends all throughout the week but not show up to share a meal with them? Would you promise a dear friend who falls ill that you’re praying for them but then not visit them in person when you had the chance? Why then do we think that we really don’t need to be together in person for Mass on Sunday?

Becoming Immersed At the Mexican Border

Through Catholic Extension I spent three days on an immersion experience in Texas and Mexico where I witnessed this prayer brought to life in the ministry of extraordinary members of our church.

How I Remember Father Martin Carter

For me, this story begins in the fall of 1988. I was a new parish representative selected to the Office of Black Ministry in those days. The scene was the monthly Parish Liaison meetings for the OBM.

Pray for Members Of Consecrated Life

When we think of consecrated life, most of us think of the familiar and traditional forms of religious life: sisters, brothers, and religious order priests. The presence and influence of these religious may be the reason that many of us are practicing our faith in the Church today.

Remember to Minister To the Sick With Prayer

Considering the heightened risks of COVID-19, isolation under quarantine, and thousands of nursing home deaths in 2020, the elderly were hit hard during this pandemic — and still are.